Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 30 & The Findal Day of August Give It Away!

Day 30

A Close Up: 

There is a lady I work with who has a John Deere room and loves all things John Deere. I had previously given her a John Deere Snowman as I never once took it out of the box. SHE LOVED IT. I was just glad someone could use it and actually liked it.  Well, I no longer work at John Deere so some of the things don't matter as much anymore, including this 5 year anniversary stock embossing. I gave it to my friend Linda and I was happy to see her love it more than my closet did :)

Day 31
A bittersweet day.
I thought it was going to be an awful hard thing to keep up for a month - but it actually wasn't too bad - I think mainly because I liked the challenge of it!
Today I gave a candy bar to a little boy.
At the gas station I was grabbing a bag of cashews to tide me over and I saw a little boy just staring at the row of candy. I asked him what his favorite was and he said Reese's - and since it was my favorite too, I couldn't let him go without. I paid for one, opened it, and told the little boy I couldn't finish the rest (I bought a king size so this left him with 3). He smiled and thanked me and I was just happy he got a smile for the day!

So - tomorrow is going to be exciting. It is a new month with A LOT of new challenges.
I am beginning a "rule game" that my husband and I started a long time ago, but has kind of fizzled since - but it is very helpful for starting new habits a little at a time! Also, Nick has a 60 day challenge starting next Tuesday at work that we are going to take part in at this house.  SO FUN! Plus I have a lot of training to do over the next two months and September is going to help kick it off!!!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. So you are encouraging children to take candy from strangers? lol :)


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