Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Love This Layout!

So I needed to make some birthday cards as I am on the BRAK team on SCS (Birthday RandomAct of Kindness group) and I wanted a new layout.  I was looking through one of my stamping magazines and found this one!  It might have been Paper Crafts but don't quote me on that.
I love it so much I made a few stamp changes!

Stamps are SU!
Embellishments are Making Memories
Ink is by {Ippity}
Paper is Close To My Heart

~ Hug the one you're with! ~

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am a notebook type of person. I like to always have one to make my hundreds of lists that I like to make - To do lists, buckets lists, grocery lists, recipie lists, birthday lists, etc.

These are for prayer journals - I will be giving them to a couple friends who are joining me in a new journey I am taking - called the Radical Experiment.  It is awesome....read the book Radical by David Platt and you will understand....

Hope you love the books!

Stamps Are by Our Daily Bread
Ribbon is PTI & SU!
Paper is My Mind's Eye
Ink is by {Ippity}
Cardstock is SU!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh My!

So I have been busy with work and a distribution center change, working extra hours as Nick's transmission went out, and my car needed fixed, then halloween goodie bag making, and a craft show to get ready for...I have totally neglected my blog and my responsibilities to my TUC girls!  SO SORRY girls and I LOVE YOU!  I am unloading pictures from my camera now, and will be looking for a new blog design shortly....I hope to back in business with posts up tomorrow!

**Side note - got my new design up and running! Progress is always so nice!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh Bella!

I was asked for Bachelorette Party Invites...
Of course my mind goes to Bella...
She makes things so perfect!

AC Textured Cardstock
SU! Colored Cardstock & Corner Punch
Stamping Bella Cosmo Bella
BIC markers for coloring

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Purple Thank You Cards

I was asked to do purple thank you cards and this was what I came up with!
The patterened paper is from my stash, purple cardstock - corner punch - and eyelet is Stampin' Up!, stamp is Stampendous, and the base is Georgia Pacific.  The details are the same for the next card also!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Monday, September 27, 2010


I liked the paper too much to ink it up....
The cardstock is Stampin' Up! and the base is Georgia Pacific

This is my manly Thank You card....
Corner Punch is SU!, and so is the yellow cardstock, and the stamp is Stampendous.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cards for Christ Sunday

Sunday is a day filled with church for me. I lots of time do nursery duronig Sunday School hours, then church (Abby is starting to sit with me for part of it), then home, and night service. I love my pastor and my church...not much more I can say on that!

These cards are using Our Daily Bread...The second one I like better, but I think they both are simply said. I will probably give them to the "Someone Cares" Ministry at our church. They write to prisoners and it is almost completely funded by the leaders of the group, so I like to help out when I can.

The patterened paper is from my stash...
Close To My Heartt cardstock...
Georgia Pacific cardstock for the base...
And as previously stated - Our Daily Bread Stamps...

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love Those Cards

Today is a busy day...Nick is gone playing Army, Mom's morning in the park to watch the kids play, time with my friend Lisa and her kiddos, and then who knows what...I think game night with my girlfriends??  I think I still need a babysitter!!

Here are a couple more cards using my patterned paper stash - these are Close To My Heart, the cardstock it is mounted on is CTMH, Georgia Pacific Cardstock base, and Stampin' Up! Sentiments

"Don't treat me any differently that you would a queen!"

"Well behanved women seldom make history."

So fun, right? I like my cards, not as much time as I used to, but it gives me some serenity!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally Friday

It's Friday - Finally! HA!

I thought I would also include some family pictures today as well...why not?

Me and the hubby....I love him with all my heart

The kiddos....how cute are they getting ready for bed?

And now for the card....

The stamp is from Our Daily Bread...Love their stamps!
The paper was in my huge stash...
Georgia Pacific for the base...
AC Cardstock for the black background...it is textured, but not that you can tell!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the wonderful Granparents I had growing up. I never had realy grandparents to look up to that I knew. So we had the Grandma Kobers - three women who never got married.  They had to remain single to keep the family farm and that is what they did.  All three have passed away, but I have so many childhood memories that include them.  I miss them bunches.

This paper I found reminds me of them....Don't know why - but it does!
The stamp in again from a Stampin' Up! set I bought...doesn't show up the greatest in the photo, but it will do!

"A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water"
Eleanor Roosevelt

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Patterned Paper

So I realized I has too much patterned paper...is that even really possible?
I decided to take do some more cards with simple paper and sentiments.
How did I do?
The sentiment is a Stampin' Up! Set I bought a while ago.  I am getting more and more into the simple stamps.  I still like to color, but since my craft time is limited I can't do the images as much as I used to.  Doesn't mean I will stop, I will just slow down!

"There is nothing wrong with the world that a sensible woman could not settle in an afternoon"

How true? 

I think these colors make me happy and that is why I love it so much....

~Hug the one you're with~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday

Hey Gals!
Please excuse the dust as I changed my blog a little bit and lost a lot!
I am misisng my Tangled Up In Creativity Girls, the blogs I visit and a few other things.
I hope to have those things back up and running on my blog this afternoon as this is my early day off of work.  Not that I get home early...I visit my friend Lisa, run to WalMart and the post office, and then walk with Petra!
I have plenty of cards to show you, but that will not happen until tomorrow as today I am exhausted with changing this blog and am kind of frustrated with blogging now!

If you want you can see the cute background I put on my family website at:

Super cute!

See you tomorrow!
~Hug the one you're with ~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Benefit for Terry Wicker

We are all given talents from the Lord to use.  I think that I have a talent in making cards and I feel a call to work with it.  One of my friends Terry Wicker got a liver transplant and is not needing to pay for the part insurance doesn't cover.  This is a lot as you can imagine. To help in addition to a benefit that will be held, I am making Cards For Terry.

For each 6 pack of cards (With envelopes) you will pay $8 - $4 of which goes directly to Terry.  This is all profits to Terry.  So far I have $40 for Terry...my goal is $100.

Here is a more vintage looking one:

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Jenn - Email me your address!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vote For The Winner!

Take a look at these great cards a vote for a winner!
Winner will be announced on 8-10-10 due to complications getting blogger to work with me!
The name is listed above the card is belongs to!











Are these cards gorgeous??  Please vote on the right hand side for who you love!  The will win a prize that will be revealed on the 11th!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tangled Up Challenge!!

Geesh...Yet again the colors should be Red and Pink......Goodness I need a camera for my Birthday!


I love simple cards...so my challenge to you is this:
Make a very simple card.
One sentiment or one picture only.
If you use a picture please keep it simple - no detailed coloring
I want it to be simple and classic.

Please email me your pictures to:
I will post once the challenge ends so you can vote on everyone's creations!
I will have a prize for those that are in our blog group (Tangled Up In Creativity) & for those who are not part of the group!

Challenge Runs July 30th- August 5th
Voting lasts August 6th - 8th
Winner Announced August 9th!

Check out my simple yet chic "You're The Best" card:

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gearing Up

First of all...not sure if you can tell, but the colors are white, pink, and chocolate....man my camera stinks!

I am trying 3 more craft fairs this fall to try and get some funds for last minute Christmas shopping.  I am sticking to cards as that is how I made money last time...not much on the other ideas. 
I am going to be selling thank you notes in sets of 6 for $8.00 - What do you think?
I use one sheet of DP for $0.59, about $1.00 worth (Acutally less) of ribbon, about $1.00 of glue, $0.32 in cardstock, and $1.00 per pack of 8 envelopes and notecards. 

Add that up -  $3.91 in product give or take - so that means $4 profit on each set - not including my time which is okay since this is stress relief for me.

Please don't forget that tomorrow a challenge will be posted for all to join!!!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey Girlies!

Hey Girlies!
I hope you have all been enjoying your summer!  I took some time for swimming lessons, reading, new job, and some fun! 
I love thank you cards....I think I use them more than anything...Thanks someone for their help, their friendship, dinner, their kindness....ANYTHING! I am a fan of good old fashioned mail as well so I use a lot of plain cards as well.
Below you will see two cards I made for a friend in a batch of cards I did for her.  I know the ribbon is from the '07 Stampin' Up! In Colors.  The white cardstock is Georgia Pacific, the background cardstock (regal rose?) and the DP is Stampin' Up! - but forgive me for not knowing the actual names as they are older.
The stamp came in a kit for mini thank you notes from Stampin' Up! also....I guess I was on an SU! kick with this set!

Please keep an eye out as July 30th (Friday) I will be hosting a challenge with great prizes - one for the great gals I blog with and one for everyone else who participates! I hope you will join me!

As a kick-off to my return to cards (again..ha) I will be offering a prize to those who comment on this post!  We will need 25 people to comment to "unlock" the prize...once we hit 25 I will have a random winner picked!

Thanks so much for keeping the faith....You all are the best!
~ Hug the one you're with ~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You LIke?

So I played around with my blog yesterday to see what I could come up with.
Do you like?
Please let me know if something doesn't navigate well or it you don't like something - I want this blog to be an enjoyable experience for you all!
I have still yet to try out the pages thing...but I will get there when I get some more time!

Today I am going to highlight a Christmas card I have made a gazillion times. I finally parted ways with this stamp set because I felt that I needed something new or my relatives were going to think I only made one card 1,000 times and am going to send it until it is gone! :)
It is using Stampin' Up! City of David set, White Card Georgia Pacific Cardstock, Baja Blue Cardstock, Ribbon, and Ink.  I made the oval template myself out of a coaster, taped the edges so the sponge wouldn't pick up the rough edges and this is what it looks like!
Sorry that this picture is so small and rough....my settings were not done right...so please take this as a what not to do when taking a picture! :)

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend...I did!  I also hugged my husband tightly as he is a soldier who got to be home with his family unlike many others.

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Yes it has been a while....a LONG while!
I am going to speak on friends today.
Isn't it so true that the longer you love the more you realize that there are fewer people you call friends and more people that you call acquaintances??
I had the opportunityt to interview at a very well known fragrence/cosmetics company. More money, more professional, more global, more opportunity, the whole lot!
I told a now acquaintance.
She told a person who I wouldn't warn if a bus was veering in her direction.
She told another, and they told another.
I was forced to tell my boss about the possibility of me leaving.  Thanks goodness she was cool about it and completely understood!

When confronted - I didn't know I couldn't tell anyone - was the response I got.
#1 I didn't realize conversations had to be started with "You can tell" or "Don't tell"
#2 Why would you say something to someone you know will tell everyone with half the truth.
#3 REALLY?!?!?!?!?

THEN I had a life long best friend who I had tried to call and call with no return luck. I understand life gets busy, but it did erk me that she never returned my calls so I just quit trying figuring thigns were just too busy for friends??  One day I get a call from this friend.....to ask me to join her team in selling a new product.  I then received 5 phone calls, and about 5 emails about this topic.
How about a "Hey! How are you? How is the family?  Sorry things have been busy, but I am glad to talk to you now?"  No....it was a "You want to change your life with this miracle product? It will make you money and make you feel good?  Why not?"
I don't need a sales pitch right now...I need a friend.

My sister - love her to death, but I get so tired of being the person she calls to complain about when no one else will pick up the phone. How about calling just to see how someone is?  Why do you always have to call just to complain to me about how pathetic you think your life is, or your next boyfriend (after divorce #2 you might have thought dating was out of the question..nope...here comes #3 - okay that was mean I know). When I call please listen I might have something to say....

I find my friends are few and far between.
I am okay with this.

Anyone else with me?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~ Whatever Wednesday ~

Today is "Whatever Wednesday"
That is my new segment....sounds official doesn't it??!! HA!

For Whatever Wednesday I first want to mention that you should scroll down to yesterday's post - there is a GIVEAWAY for just listing something on your bucket list!!

Today I want to talk about what this world needs.
It needs some people who give a hoot.  I found that there are more people in this world who feel entitled than those who help out.
I have a friend who's son is turning 9 and he wanted to give his $20 from communion to help his teachers who were taking a pay cut.
A friend of my daughter decided to collect food for puppies and kitties who didn't have food or "parents" for his 3rd birthday.
My daughter turns 3 tomorrow and for his birthday party this weekend she wanted to give teddy bears to kids that were "having a bad day". In other words we are going to be collecting and donating teddy bears to the sheriff's department for them to give to kids on calls that they respond to.  They told us this helps calm both the kids and the parents down.
How is it that kids under the age of 10 can understand how important some things are and we have adults who think they just deserve things??
Makes me sick I tell ya.
We had a garage sale this weekend and everything that was left over (5 truck loads still!!!) we took right down to the local thrift as all their profits go back to the Women's Shelter...they can used the money more than I can use the stuff.

Okay - I feel a little like I have preached - but it is Whatever Wednesday...I got it off my chest...
I challenge you to do something good today....or everyday....it won't cost much if anything...

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bucket List

The Bucket List was a great movie - have you seen it? If not, you should!

My question today is there something that you want to do before you get old, die, TURN 30? (HAHA)
I have a couple books to read, movies to see, places to visit, things to do...
But what about you?
If you haven't guessed this week is a bit of reflection so I can get some projects built up to post! :)
One lucky person who gives me something from their "bucket list" will win a prize - An {ippity} stamp set - because if you didn't know it - I am selling {ippity}! 
As soon as my blog is up and running for it I will give you the address!

This is what you could win:

Isn't is gorgeous?  If is from the 09 Fall Collection - but I still love it - the bird is my favorite!

You can list more than one thing - but you will want to post it separately.
Got Twitter? Follow me (MissMollyDR) and tweet to me some more list items and you will get more chances!

Good luck ladies!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Family

Aren't we cute?
This was the day that my husband passed EFMB - he is the bestest as it only has a 15% pass rate for the ENTIRE US Army!

Anyways - I have been doing some reflecting lately to find out what I really want, what is important, etc.
Yes - I decided that this December I will be starting a new chapter in my life as I will be hitting 30...I know this seems silly to be doing so early in life - but hey, we all look at things differently!
I have found that I had some childish things to get over, and I did. 
There are things I have wanted to do and haven't.
I want to get stuff done!

I decided yesterday to get things in gear for a a fresh start when I hit 30...
I cleaned out a lot of crap from my house that was still left over from the garage sale.  Which everything that was still left over from that was donated to a thrift store that benefits victims of domestic abuse - a cause dear to my heart since my aunt was killed by her husband almost 10 years ago.

I am so excited to set some goals to achieve and you will get to see that through my postings and creations!
See you all tomorrow as I have to go to work to support my hobby and I have to get a layout ready for the Thank You cards I have been asked to create!

This is kind of a random post for me....but hang in there - tomorrow will be more "normal".

~ Hug the one you're with ~

P.S. - tomorrow I will have a surprise for you!

P.P.S. - head over to my friend Michelle:
She will make your mouth water - seriously!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Exciting Stuff Coming!

Its Monday and I just didn't have the energy to create too much yesterday!
I did want to let everyone in on a couple exciting upcoming things!

I have a few exciting things to create and then show you where you can get yours...my friend is brilliant!
She has created something that will help those who don't know exactly what to buy or knows what to buy!

I have some new {ippity} releases to share with you, an opportunity to buy them discounted, and a giveaway!

I have a new "segment" you could say that I am going to institute....I just need a catch phrase!
Can you help me? 
If you can I have a surprise for you!
I have a friend who did the Friday Five.
Thinking Thursday
Tacky Tuesday
Something like that!
It will be for me to go off subject one day and allow me to showcase something other than my cards.
Just to give ya a break!

Let me know what you got ladies by Sunday!

~Hug the one you're with ~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Cards - Bad Pictures!

Here are some really cute, simple cards I did!  **Cute in my eyes!**
The middle one is a lttle had to see the sentiment even in person!
The last one is my favorite!

Of course the corner punch stamp from Stampin' Up! was used and one of the Sale-A-Bration stamp sets (I am horrible with names) and all the paper is Close To My Heart!

**Please don't forget to vist my friend Michelle's blog for some free stuff!!**

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

So I am forever falling in love with Close To My Heart papers!  I love how they come with solid colored cardstock in the package that matches everything in that pack!  I am learning...slowly but surely how to make things easier!
The corner punch and sentiment is Stampin' Up! but the papers are all Close To My Heart!
I put these two plus some others in a cute little silver tin and donated then to the Relay for Life auction that my company does....didn't bring byt $15 each, but hey - I figure they got a bargin!

Click here:
It is my friend Michelle doing something like Oprah (HA!) ~ She is giveaway central!
This is one of the bestest blogs to visit as well!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a Giveaway!

Hello Ladies!  I have been a little crazy this past week/weekend due to work and a craft show which I did pretty decent at!


Since I will not be able to post things until tonight I am going to direct you to an AMAZING giveaway!  It is one of my new favorite places to shop!

Please also check out my friend Michelles blog while you are there...she has an amazing talent to beautiful cards!!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Other Things

So I am laughing at my equal opportunity feelings over these pictures.  I took these items to the craft show you might have heard me talk about before.  I took the pictures and felt bad that I had not yet posted them...so I am doing it today!  That is about crazy right?

The last ones were kind of fun...they were Stampin' Up! rub-ons that list a bunch of different but similar sentiments...I thought it would make the items work for everything!  Apparently I was the only one who thought that since I still have them! HA!

~ Hug the one you're with ~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Altered Tins

I made these for a friend (one more to go!) who wanted one fo rher kitchen (recipies) which is the first one.  The last one posted is for her girl's hairbows.  I have more to go for birthday cards!

The tins I got from Oriental Trading Company, the paper is an AC Paper Pack, the ribbon is Stampin' Up!, and the embellishments are
 K & Company.  I love K & Company!

~ Hug the one you're with ~