Saturday, February 21, 2009

Secrets Revealed!

It was revealed to me that my secret sister in one of the card kit thread was jguyeby - she made me an awesome card for the reveal and then I made my last card from the kit she sent (sniff, sniff)....It was great having her for a secret sister!! I have hers posted first...mine is kind of blurry so sorry!

I hope you all got a chance to bounce over to the blog of my design team Fun-Frilled and see the week's amazing cards! Please don't also forget to check out the post from Monday that is detailing some great card candy!! Here is the card that I supplied:

Don't have too much new except that I have a new card to reveal at Fun-Frilled on Tuesday and then I will be on maternity leave from there until the week of April 13th......still pregnant....still hoping to not be tomorrow....I have a huge SU! order coming this week to play with (YIPPEE!)...

I think that is it for now!! I will be posting a challenge card entry for both Rubber Bombshells and Cutesy Stampers much fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuesday at Fun-Frilled Blog!

No card for you to view tonight....but you can view it tomorrow on the Fun-Frilled Design Team Blog - Link is to the right my friends....My card turned out good - Nick thinks it is busy, but I like it and I hope you will take a look and let me know if you do too!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Card Kits

Secret Sister Card Kits for this month!! I have so much fun with these types of swaps! I am on two on SCS and these are the two most recent ones I got and the top two cards I created from them...Thank you secret sisters - you are going great!!

These two came from my mother-in-law. She also participates on swaps both locally and on SCS and she sent me two in Abby's Valentine's package - it was great! I enjoyed getting creative this week!

I have been MIA and apologize to those that were baby yet...just an awful head cold from this crazy weather! Two weeks to go on Tuesday - which is ALSO my day to unveil my card for the Fun-Frilled Design Team I am on!! Please make sure you take a look (link is to the right) as we are having BLOG CANDY!!!!!
Nick and I went shopping this weekend and bought our double stroller...I really feel like a mom now! WE also bought some other odds and ends...just more crib sheets are left ***I think! :) Please check our family blog (link is also to the left) as Abby got her big girl bed!!
I also was able to place a nice size order from my girl Manda today as Nick got his bonus and was nice enough to share some...he readily agreed when I took him into the Coach store and showed him the diaper bag...the lady told him it was $428...he immediately responds "dollars??!!" Stamps were not that big of a deal at that point!!
And of course...the Daytona 500 was today. I am not a fan of the comments a few buttheads made about Dale Jr (Kyle I am going to throw a tantrum Bush and Brian I wreck my teammates at Talladega and now I don't have a car worth a crap Vickers) when he clearly was just trying to stay out of th grass and not ruin his car. Too bad for the other 8 drivers though. I watched for Casey Mears for Michelle, but all in all not bad, but always disappointing when rain makes the winner. Matt Kenseth is a good guy though...Yeah for him.
Hug the one you are with folks!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Well Card

Garden Greetings was a new set recommended by a friend and I have to say I think that it didn't turn out too bad! Good suggestions Manda! Officially 3 weeks to go until baby Ryley is due!

Hug the one you are with!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello Bella!

I know I have not posted in a couple the flu bug that is going around, yuck! I am back though!! I will have some more cards to post tomorrow - so please check back ladies!!

So here is the last of my Bella swap collection...She is for January and she is kissing last year goodbye...The first one I made I didn't like so I altered her to make the ones I am sending!

Hug the one you are with!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SCS RubberBombshells Challenge #1!!!

Alrighty ladies! Welcome to group 10 that has glad to meet you all! Here is challenge #1.....completely optional!!!

You will need to create a valentines day card using non-traditional Valentines day colors! This first challenge will be simple (or not depending on how you look at it!) so we can ease into things and so that these do not seem more like work than fun....Post a picture and your inspiration on your blogs February 25th....we will vote by the 29th....Get Creating!

We will take a look at the people who have added to their blogs and then send me a PM with the one you liked best (completely anonymous) and then I will post the winner and send them their gift!!!

I think that blogger challenges are great, we will do other inspiration challenges, and others at your suggestions!

I'm Back!

Sorry for leaving you without posts for a couple days..Abby had to get her finger drained at the ER (yes it was gross), school paper, doctors appointment, new ID card, and preadmintance forms....anything else? Thanks goodness not that I know of! HAHA!

The first card is a beautiful card by my friend Michelle (Inside My Own Private Idaho blog - link to the bottom left ). She always seems to make great cards without having to color an image (wink, wink..). My favorite colors to boot! She can be on my design team anytime!! Hey Michelle - Nascar in a week and a half!

These next two bella cards are for a year of bellas swap I am in...basically what that means is I am crazy because you have to make 13 of each card...the first one is for November...Nick said it is not one of his favorites but it was good...thanks hun for the encouragement! :) The second one is for June since that seems to be wedding to finish up my January spot (3 different groups)...that one is stumping me!

Yet another swap for landscapes and nature...I totally CASED the card out of the splitcoast gallery from a lady who also CASED the card...I apologize that I did not get the name written down before Abby turned the computer off...sill girl - but a great card to steal!

Last but not least this was the card I made with the card materials I was given in one of my secret sister card kit clubs. Very festive!!

Hope you have enjoyed....Hug the one you are with!!!!