Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello All - Updates!

Hi All!

I have been a horrible blogger lately and I believe that once this awful month passes I will have my head screwed on tightly again!

A Couple Things To Note:
Fun-Frilled - Lots of great cards and contests!
Digiments - GREAT new company with contests!
Today I Said A Prayer For You - blog for prayer requests!
Molly's Army coming soon!

Plus More - Yes somehow there will be even more!

Hug the one you are with ~ snit happens ~we all need to get over it sometimes!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Surfing & Christmas

So today I have scheduled in a break in my busy work day to blog surf becuase I am dreadfully behind due to the crash of my home computer...I plan to be caught up and to get back in the swing of the normal by the weekend!!
So Christmas was on my mind....can you tell??
Shopping has officially started so maybe that is why...hmmm
***Can anyone tell me where to get one of the ligh tents so my pictures turn out better???

Ladies - please do not forget to visit my favorite couple of websites - you won't be upset that you spent your time doing so:
Fun-Frilled - the theme this week has to do with Memorial Day
Michelle - her cards are always amazing and she has the cutest Monkey card on yesterday's post
Digiments - a great new sentiment line - I ordered all the releases so far for a mere $20.00 and will be using them all next week!

Christmas Part 2

***Please note this was supposed to post yesterday...I screwed up somehow but am going to blame it on my computer anywasy!***
So City of David got one last Hoorah....I think I like the blue one better though...

Hug the one you are with!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 In A Row!

Two days in a row - go me!!
or go computer!!
Alrighty - can you imagine that I would post a card for non other than a swap!?
This is for a monthly themed card I am in...trying to get caught up as going back to work, planning Abby's party, family in town, etc. has put me a little behind - yuck!

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend....isn't she too cute?

How one sleeps like this - I don't know?

Now if I were you I would head to FUN-FRILLED!

It is my day to also - scroll down and check out Michelle's post from Monday - good stuff and a good contest!!
Michelle also has a new company so don't forget to check out her blog so you can link to Digiments!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Monday!

First and Foremost - have you stopped over at Fun-Frilled yet this morning?
If not - YOU SHOULD!
Love this Christmas Card? I do too - but I got tired of using the same set over and over again...this was the SU! City of David's last hoorah at the Ritterbeck home....07 In Colors - won't you come back??

Whoe doesn't love an altered item? I gave this gift to a secret pal who's name starts with "p". Is this actually a useful frame or a decoration? It is up to to decorate though!

My computer seems to be back working better - knock on wood here....
Can't wait to blog hop today as I have missed my girls!
Hug the one you are with!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome Back!

I got my computer to upload and work!!
Funny story...
We got our laptop back and I was so excited - until when you try and type stuff it just doesn't work. You press "a" and "as" comes on the screen. This happens with lots of keys - that is why the computer guy sounded frustrated - and he is not a professional just a friend - so we are just going to roll with it...
I decided to try my good ol desktop a try and it worked...knock on wood!
The card is from nothing other than a card kit...don't you love it?
Please don't forget to check out Fun-Frilled for great cards and a great contest!!!
Hug the one you are with!

I Have A Post For You!

But it is not what you wanted....
So sorry - but I have just picked up my computer and will be **hopefully** be able to work with it tonight....I know, I know, I swear I am not putting you all off - I miss you all already!
Can't wait to be back to serious blogging (*wink*) ladies

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tomorrow I Promise

Hello ladies! I promise that I will have some cards posted - My computer should be acting better as part of my computer they say has been fixed!! I hate not being able to do much except at work (which isn't enough at all!!)
Please go check out Fun-Frilled and see what they have going on this week!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Day Back to Work

So, today is my first day back to work...BLAH
I was up at 4:30 like always to start getting ready and finish up my card for the Fun-Frilled Design Team...actually it was done, I was just de-bugging my computer last night and could not upload it until today. PLEASE check it out and look at the details for the new contest!
The card for today is posted over at Fun-Frilled so go there for Tuesday's post - it is my day!
My computer is on the up and up *cross your fingers* as it did allow me to upload husband's laptop is going to get fixed today and then will be called Molly's laptop :)
I will be posting more cards this week provided work does not kill me...thanks for hanging in there while my computer has not been working and I have not been able to post ladies!
Hug the one you are with!