Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Fun

I actually did get some crafty goodness made - plain and simple - just as I like them!
Halloween here I come!

 I like the patterned paper and didn't want to stamp on it - so I stamped inside it!

The lighting on the last two pictures are bad, I know.
I do like the simplicity of it though...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wow Wee!

So sorry it has been so long!

Big news! Our family is being moved to Alaska and we only know it will be for Nick to start work in either December or February - big change with either little or no time to get there.
Gotta love the Army!

I have been busy sorting through things we need and don't need or want so we can garage sale our hearts away.

I have gotten rid of quite a bunch, and still more to come - since I don't sell my stuff for much more than $0.25 or $0.50 I don't make much, but it moves it.

I have done okay on the no soda, crappy on not biting my nails, and I have not run near the 100 miles I wanted to.  I actually even hurt my knee!

I plan on making that a goal for October to get in my last training for maybe a half marathon on November.  Sheesh.

I have not crafted in a really long time, but have working on some little things here and there. Once I find where my batteries for camera are I will take pictures and post! I have also made some altered items for a swap I am in that are sure to be loved (at least I love them!).

Sorry to be so slack this last month - I might go visit a few websites to get a challenge in here or there to get my mojo going...

I feel like I am in a no motivation funk because I have so much to do...I am doing more for the family (not a bad thing) and not much of anything for!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday After A Holiday

Tuesday's after a holiday suck.
I didn't want to get up because I couldn't mainly - I am sore...I got put through a workout that was great, but I knew I would pay for it.
Thank you Irish Goat MultiSports

Humidity was 92% this morning, but I did walk two miles still.
The sky was kind of Halloween scary this morning also.

Plus Petra scared me by freaking out at a blowing leaf. Yes - a blowing leaf.
On my way to work the sky had turned from scary Halloween sky, to eerie Tornado sky...

You know what I am talking about...the strange orange sky...
When I got into work there was no parking and we had to go sit in the storm shelters.
Yeah - i felt like an awesome mom leaving my kids at daycare.

BUT I can say that my one load of laundry a day, sweeping floors each night, went fabulous these last couple days....I failed on the daycare packing last night - but we will do it tonight :)

I did not start my goals until today for Set It Right September, as I didn't want to fail on a holiday weekend and get frustrated.  I am ready for no nail biting, no soda, and running a ton.

I did however, have friends over, clean out some more clutter, sell some stuff on ebay, get a workout like no other (which I loved), and got to spend time with my family.
Can't be beat if you ask me!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Set It Right September

Can you believe that it is September 1st???
Football Starts!!
I love me some AJ Hawk #50 for the Green Bay Packers, Santonio Holmes #10 for the Jets, and THE Ohio State University.
I am excited to say the least!

Last month's Challenge of Give It Away August was great - couldn't be happier as to how it helped me clear myself or both things and mind clutter!

This month we are having Set It Right September.
Set It Right? Yup!
Is there something that you have hated and want to fix? Maybe a couple things. Nothing awful - but you want to end whatever it is and make it work.
I have three things that I am needing to do and wanting to do and I need to just change some things and Set It Right so that I can accomplish what I need to. No more excuses!

Goal #1:
Stop Biting My Nails
I have done this since I can remember and I hate it. I sometimes don't realize what I am doing until I am doing it! It has to stop. Will Power is what this will take! Maybe even some ugly nail polish to make me want my nails to look prettier...I will conquer this!

Goal #2:
Run 100 Miles This Month.
I need to kick my training into high gear for the half marathon I want to compete in, in November.
I want to do this for me. It is a selfish reason. I don't want to just give up and say it is too hard - I will finish and I will be proud of myself. My girls will also see that if you set your mind to it you can do it. I will Set It Right for them.

Goal #3:
No Soda
I need to get back to my goal of no soda intake. I have slacked and drank some this last couple weeks (okay, more than some) and I have started to feel like crap. I need to intake water - maybe allow one or two for the month - but mostly water.

On a side note my husband's unit is doing a 60 day contest that starts the Tuesday after Labor Day on who can lose the most body fat. I am going to join him on this challenge as it is easier to do some things in numbers. I am so excited to get more fruits and veggies in the house. He is not excited, but I really am. This will help me in some personal goals that I have.

What goals do you want to accomplish?  Leave a comment with them and your email - I will encourage you along the way!  Start the Tuesday after Labor Day - you will feel better if you don't do it this weekend, so you can enjoy a weekend of fun!

I can't wait to clue you all in on something that is in the works and is so stinking exciting I can't stand it! More to Come!

Rule of 3

My husband and I used to come up with three rules for each other to do each month. It was something fun that also helped us get habits started and get things done!  It made it kind of a game.  This is how I got to the point that I make the bed everyday!

I am going to start this again with myself - and you if you would like!  You can keep tabs of my rule of three on the tab "Rule of 3" that is located just under the blog title.

On this post or you can email me at
let me know what your rule of three is for this month - I can help to encourage you!

It takes 21 days to form a habit - do it for a month and you will always do it!
Even if your goal is to only do something on the weekends - this is a great start!

My Rule of 3 for September:
#1 - Sweep the floors every night before bed and clean ever Saturday morning
#2 - Get everything ready for daycare the night before
#3 - One load of laundry everyday
(this will keep down on my all day Saturday laundry days!)