Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rule of 3

My husband and I used to come up with three rules for each other to do each month. It was something fun that also helped us get habits started and get things done!  It made it kind of a game.  This is how I got to the point that I make the bed everyday!

I am going to start this again with myself - and you if you would like!  You can keep tabs of my rule of three on the tab "Rule of 3" that is located just under the blog title.

On this post or you can email me at
let me know what your rule of three is for this month - I can help to encourage you!

It takes 21 days to form a habit - do it for a month and you will always do it!
Even if your goal is to only do something on the weekends - this is a great start!

My Rule of 3 for September:
#1 - Sweep the floors every night before bed and clean ever Saturday morning
#2 - Get everything ready for daycare the night before
#3 - One load of laundry everyday
(this will keep down on my all day Saturday laundry days!)

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  1. I should come up with 3 things... but right now I think I'm trying to come up with other useful things instead of getting back to my lesson plans! :)


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