Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday After A Holiday

Tuesday's after a holiday suck.
I didn't want to get up because I couldn't mainly - I am sore...I got put through a workout that was great, but I knew I would pay for it.
Thank you Irish Goat MultiSports

Humidity was 92% this morning, but I did walk two miles still.
The sky was kind of Halloween scary this morning also.

Plus Petra scared me by freaking out at a blowing leaf. Yes - a blowing leaf.
On my way to work the sky had turned from scary Halloween sky, to eerie Tornado sky...

You know what I am talking about...the strange orange sky...
When I got into work there was no parking and we had to go sit in the storm shelters.
Yeah - i felt like an awesome mom leaving my kids at daycare.

BUT I can say that my one load of laundry a day, sweeping floors each night, went fabulous these last couple days....I failed on the daycare packing last night - but we will do it tonight :)

I did not start my goals until today for Set It Right September, as I didn't want to fail on a holiday weekend and get frustrated.  I am ready for no nail biting, no soda, and running a ton.

I did however, have friends over, clean out some more clutter, sell some stuff on ebay, get a workout like no other (which I loved), and got to spend time with my family.
Can't be beat if you ask me!


  1. Hey! That leaf was SCARY! haha!!! :)

  2. That looked scary but wow you got some great Pics.

  3. I don't like it when the storms a comin' but the skies can look so pretty with the sun piercing through the dark clouds.


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