Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wow Wee!

So sorry it has been so long!

Big news! Our family is being moved to Alaska and we only know it will be for Nick to start work in either December or February - big change with either little or no time to get there.
Gotta love the Army!

I have been busy sorting through things we need and don't need or want so we can garage sale our hearts away.

I have gotten rid of quite a bunch, and still more to come - since I don't sell my stuff for much more than $0.25 or $0.50 I don't make much, but it moves it.

I have done okay on the no soda, crappy on not biting my nails, and I have not run near the 100 miles I wanted to.  I actually even hurt my knee!

I plan on making that a goal for October to get in my last training for maybe a half marathon on November.  Sheesh.

I have not crafted in a really long time, but have working on some little things here and there. Once I find where my batteries for camera are I will take pictures and post! I have also made some altered items for a swap I am in that are sure to be loved (at least I love them!).

Sorry to be so slack this last month - I might go visit a few websites to get a challenge in here or there to get my mojo going...

I feel like I am in a no motivation funk because I have so much to do...I am doing more for the family (not a bad thing) and not much of anything for!

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  1. oh boy good luck with the garage sale and the move...but really!?! moving to ALASKA in the MIDDLE OF THE WINTER!?!...what is the Army thinking?


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