Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Yes it has been a while....a LONG while!
I am going to speak on friends today.
Isn't it so true that the longer you love the more you realize that there are fewer people you call friends and more people that you call acquaintances??
I had the opportunityt to interview at a very well known fragrence/cosmetics company. More money, more professional, more global, more opportunity, the whole lot!
I told a now acquaintance.
She told a person who I wouldn't warn if a bus was veering in her direction.
She told another, and they told another.
I was forced to tell my boss about the possibility of me leaving.  Thanks goodness she was cool about it and completely understood!

When confronted - I didn't know I couldn't tell anyone - was the response I got.
#1 I didn't realize conversations had to be started with "You can tell" or "Don't tell"
#2 Why would you say something to someone you know will tell everyone with half the truth.
#3 REALLY?!?!?!?!?

THEN I had a life long best friend who I had tried to call and call with no return luck. I understand life gets busy, but it did erk me that she never returned my calls so I just quit trying figuring thigns were just too busy for friends??  One day I get a call from this ask me to join her team in selling a new product.  I then received 5 phone calls, and about 5 emails about this topic.
How about a "Hey! How are you? How is the family?  Sorry things have been busy, but I am glad to talk to you now?" was a "You want to change your life with this miracle product? It will make you money and make you feel good?  Why not?"
I don't need a sales pitch right now...I need a friend.

My sister - love her to death, but I get so tired of being the person she calls to complain about when no one else will pick up the phone. How about calling just to see how someone is?  Why do you always have to call just to complain to me about how pathetic you think your life is, or your next boyfriend (after divorce #2 you might have thought dating was out of the comes #3 - okay that was mean I know). When I call please listen I might have something to say....

I find my friends are few and far between.
I am okay with this.

Anyone else with me?