Goals for 2012

So this year we are in Alaska and I want to try new things! Heck there are some things that I have always wanted to accomplish and why not now? This list will also include things that I just want to do as well. I think putting them on a list of fun things will make it more fun also!

1.) Get A Job = 1-17-12 Completed
2.)  Go Snowboarding = 1-7-12 Completed
3.) Cook a Fabulous Dessert = 1-9-12 Completed
4.) Send out 5 Letters Every Month = 1-17-12 Completed
5.) Go see a movie this month by myself
6.) Take Abby to get her nails done
7.) Take Ryley to her her nails done
8.) Take a Yoga class
9.) Read 2 more books