Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I fell...

So I was getting out of the truck tonight and fell, like I put one leg down and it slid and I went with it on my arm, leg, and side. I am already starting to hurt...tomorrow is not going to be fun. I think a jeans day is in order for my pain and suffering tomorrow at work!

No cards or projects fo rme tonight. After falling and working from home for a couple hours - I was not inspired.

Nick still will not be home tomorrow - but a side note in support of our soldiers overseas... We received an email from a SSG overseas who commended our comapny for the products we make. I work at John Deere in the Governmental and National Sales Department. The SSG stated they had a rough day and went in to rescue 5 soldiers and was able to bring them home safely for the medical attention they needed. They did lose 7 good men that day, but without the help of our product it could have been more. Doesn't that put life back into perspective? I shed a tear at work..when I hear of a soldier who has lost his life, I think of our friend who was killed in action - 2 years this April 12th.

I think I am feeling better now...Hug the ones you are with..nighty-night.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was an okay day. I felt a little better than yesterday but there were a couple times I wanted to shut down and go home because of some stupid issues that just really upset me. You know how you get mad about petty things that should have just been done?? Oh well...when I get home, what to my wondering eyes did appear but a brown box addressed to ME!

The greatest gal pal ever Michelle (whom I am so glad I "met" because she has such an honest and open personality that is straight to the point and how many people can you make you smile daily??) sent me a box of super duper happy mail! Now - this does not mean you can all start posting that you love what she does in the hopes of getting what I did...Michelle just had that 6th sense that I needed it...Right on lady! I commented on some of the items on her blog and I blessed enough to receive my very own! Michelle - your work is amazing and thank you, thank you, thank you. You made my day completely.

Now everyone can drool over my gifts:
Thanks again Michelle - you rock...

Don't forget to check out the newest pictures of Abby on her blog (link is to the right of the blog). and Michelle's as well...I added a couple new ones too that are to die for! Hug the one you are with...nighty-night.

More Card Swaps!

This is for a card kit monthly swap I am in. KAcopan sent this month's and gave us a challenge of girly card with non-girly colors. I think I rocked this one if I do say so myself. I even used the extra card I had as an encouragement card for my boss who has been sick, but still manages to keep going...I love Talitha to death, but sometimes she needs to just stay home and get better...but her hard work ethic just won't let her.
Here are two Changito Cards I made for a swap I am this stinking monkey...these are the only two stamps I have but that will change on Monday when I go to Hobby Lobby after my 36 week doctors appoinment. Who doesn't love using a coupon on their favorite thing?? These are the new BIC Mark It Markers I picked up...they are the knock off of the copics...I like them...but since I have never used copics I don't know what I am missing you could say...but I am okay with that!

Monday, January 26, 2009

5 Weeks To Go....

Okay - so I have 5 weeks to go. Last time I was already off work by now...but I am still working. Ryley Ann seems to think now is the time to turn into position and cause me pain. I cannot sleep for crap, cannot sit for any period of time comfortably, and so I am turning cranky. Nick is gone this week - which as first I was like "some time to stamp without having to worry about anything else." Already I miss him and wish he were least it is not a deployment...just a week, actually only 4 days. Abby is being good, a little fussy, but good. She seems to want to live on cheese and reese cups this week...but one week won't kill her, right?

I was going to make some new cards for you all to view, but tonight isn't going to work out like I thought. Instead I am going to bed...while the child inside is dormant. Sleep tight and hug the one you are with...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

5X5 Card Swap & My Amazing Picture!!

Here is a swap I am in for Turtlescrapper on SCS - it is a 5X5 card and I loved it - bonus of the day is Nick liked it and the hostess gift I made to match! Yes Abby was running amuck in the background...she is just to fast to photograph! :)
Here is a card for a masculine card this truck stamp set from SU!

Here is my one and only amazing picture from Monster Jam yesterday!

****Side note - please check out the blog I follow "My Own Private Idaho" as she has posted the picture of an amazing journal and mailbox she the fact that her blog always puts a smile on my face!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

SCS Procrastinators No More Thread!

Alrighty - I could not post these pictures on SCS becuase the size was too big...and here is a quick story for those of you who are not in that thread...Some of us have resolved to not be procrastinators anymore. This month we were challenged to clean our area and of course my husband was in support of that and is even having me make drawings for storage and he is going to build them (when that happens I will acutally believe it). We were also challenged to find some old items in our space and alter them without buying anything....or make something new with the same principle.

The swaps I previously posted fall into this thread as I bought nothing new to make them and yes I did make them all myself Michelle...and the envelopes are clear A2 envies that you can get from SU! or on ebay from random people...LOVE THEM! Especially on cards I made that I want to keep or receive and want to keep...

Here are two things I made...One is for holding images and the bigger is for holding envelopes, address labels and cards to send...I used an box that my envelopes came in and the other belonged to something Longaberger...

Now - the next one is a progression..I bought this cube for some random reason....kept it for a at least two years and now have a reason to alter it - I am not a procrastinator anymore. I used all items I had hoarded....

Here are a couple more items I made with left over paper from the days events...they are pocket calendars to keep in your purse!! I had all of these items before the new year!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay - I was actually excited that the ice and snow had subsided (I like the south for a reason - it is actually warm in the winter). Work was going to be a task but still it would be adult converstaion and I could do what I am paid to do! I got up, fed Abby, got her ready, let Tanner out to potty, get in the car, get gas, get to the daycare...CLOSED! REALLYY!!?? The roads are absolutely clear and so is their parking lot! I am out another day of work (which I probably shouldn't complain about becuase I can stamp more now), but I still have to pay! I know, I know, it is a business...but come on - today is fine!

So here we are with another morning of Dora's Pirate Adventure. Time to get something done I supposed - make the best of it, right? Thanks for stopping!


The first three are from a round robin card kit swap I participated in...The robot was from chandapie and the other two were from Cher2008 (both great members of SCS). The next two were for a Spring/Summer swap hosted by Deb_t (sorry about the pink turning out kind of blinding!). Chefabella was for a Year of Cards swap that I did where you will get twelve cards back...I love these ones becuase you get a card for every occasion this way! The House Mouse stamp was for brickhousecards House Mouse with a twist swap where you also gave three images with each card. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Day Off!

I have another day off today due to the fact that the schools are closed and Abby's awesome daycare (I mean that for real because they are so good to Abby) follows their schedule. Nick has a delay but will be gone today...which is a bummer, but also will allow me to do some more things around the house. We do have to make a trip to the post office at some point today because it is starting to pile up. I have been finishing swaps that are due so that I don't flake on any I have signed up for through SCS. I have almost all done through April....just a few left that I can't complete for whatever reason.

Well - Abby is watching Dora Pirate I am going to jump off here to create some more. I will try and post some pictures of what I have been busy creating lately. I got a new camera for Christmas and am still trying to make the pictures look as good as I possibly can....yikes!


Welcome to those who are viewing! I decided that I have a blog for family and by golly I wanted one that was a place for me to share all about me! it is! I will be showing you cards I have made, projects I have started, and things I have received - or just my view on whatever for that day. Okay - can't lie - a picture or two may appear of the kiddos!