Saturday, January 24, 2009

SCS Procrastinators No More Thread!

Alrighty - I could not post these pictures on SCS becuase the size was too big...and here is a quick story for those of you who are not in that thread...Some of us have resolved to not be procrastinators anymore. This month we were challenged to clean our area and of course my husband was in support of that and is even having me make drawings for storage and he is going to build them (when that happens I will acutally believe it). We were also challenged to find some old items in our space and alter them without buying anything....or make something new with the same principle.

The swaps I previously posted fall into this thread as I bought nothing new to make them and yes I did make them all myself Michelle...and the envelopes are clear A2 envies that you can get from SU! or on ebay from random people...LOVE THEM! Especially on cards I made that I want to keep or receive and want to keep...

Here are two things I made...One is for holding images and the bigger is for holding envelopes, address labels and cards to send...I used an box that my envelopes came in and the other belonged to something Longaberger...

Now - the next one is a progression..I bought this cube for some random reason....kept it for a at least two years and now have a reason to alter it - I am not a procrastinator anymore. I used all items I had hoarded....

Here are a couple more items I made with left over paper from the days events...they are pocket calendars to keep in your purse!! I had all of these items before the new year!


  1. I love this cube idea!! Congratulations on your "me" blog.

  2. wow have been one busy lady!
    great pics! TFS!


Thank you so much for your comment! I really apprciate that you took a look and left some love!