Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 30 & The Findal Day of August Give It Away!

Day 30

A Close Up: 

There is a lady I work with who has a John Deere room and loves all things John Deere. I had previously given her a John Deere Snowman as I never once took it out of the box. SHE LOVED IT. I was just glad someone could use it and actually liked it.  Well, I no longer work at John Deere so some of the things don't matter as much anymore, including this 5 year anniversary stock embossing. I gave it to my friend Linda and I was happy to see her love it more than my closet did :)

Day 31
A bittersweet day.
I thought it was going to be an awful hard thing to keep up for a month - but it actually wasn't too bad - I think mainly because I liked the challenge of it!
Today I gave a candy bar to a little boy.
At the gas station I was grabbing a bag of cashews to tide me over and I saw a little boy just staring at the row of candy. I asked him what his favorite was and he said Reese's - and since it was my favorite too, I couldn't let him go without. I paid for one, opened it, and told the little boy I couldn't finish the rest (I bought a king size so this left him with 3). He smiled and thanked me and I was just happy he got a smile for the day!

So - tomorrow is going to be exciting. It is a new month with A LOT of new challenges.
I am beginning a "rule game" that my husband and I started a long time ago, but has kind of fizzled since - but it is very helpful for starting new habits a little at a time! Also, Nick has a 60 day challenge starting next Tuesday at work that we are going to take part in at this house.  SO FUN! Plus I have a lot of training to do over the next two months and September is going to help kick it off!!!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just A Few More Days To Go!

The end is near!

Day 26
My youngest had to be picked up from school due a fever that is running through all the kids.
I had so much that I could have done at the house - but instead  I brought both my girls home and gave them as much love as I possibly could. I love them and want them to know that no matter what.
I passed up on my to-do list to be who I should every day! I know you may say this doesn't count...but I am counting it!

Day 27
My husband was with a friend wasting away the day. At this house a baby shower was going on inside for people I had never met. I went to pick up Nick and stepped inside to say hi - and saw that the baby had been given some rain forest themed items - and I had one I could add! I think her name was Becky and I know she is having a girl...and now they have a crib musical. light up thingy from me :)

Day 28
I have always wanted to be a mom that read to my kids as my parents always did to me.  I just never got around to it as I do all my stuff for the next day the evening prior. Bedtime is more of a rush than it is anything.  I decided that last night would be the beginning of my reading. I let Ryley pick her book and Abby even sat and listened - and she held onto my arm the whole time, so I knew I was doing something right by giving them my time.
When we were done Abby asked me if I could read her "God Book" to her after Ryley went to bed. I had tears in my awesome is that?  When Ryley went to bed we read the story of Adam and Eve out of the Children's Bible she received as a gift. I loved it.

Day 29
Okay - a lot of you know about my love of Starbucks Coffee. I have gift cards all the time, but since I never go there much anymore (the 30 minute drive to get there just sucks) I hate to see them lying around. This morning my girlfriend Hooters said she "needed" a Starbucks. I had a gift card in my car and passed it along...why let a good thing go to waste - and since she is one of my best-good-friends, I didn't mind at all....I hope she likes her coffee this morning!

What should I do for next month???

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Week's Worth of Giveaways!

Day 22
I cam across a bunch of necklaces and bracelets that I don't wear.  They are still in great condition, just not my style anymore.  I took them into daycare to let the teachers have at them.

Day 23
My girlfriend Cara was the receiver of this dress (minus the monogramming as I stole this picture from the Internet) for her precious baby Chloe. Now Chloe won't be able to wear it for like 2 years, but she will have it!!

Day 24
We have temp employees that work for us here at Coty - they do a lot for us that we don't want to do or have time to do. They rock.  I decided to let them know this and bought each of them a soda.  They deserve it and I don't need it.

Day 25
I have been selling some crafty stuff and one of my girlfriends bought some. There is a stamp set she bought that only one stamp would not work with the blocks she purchased.  I wanted to make sure she got what she needed so I am giving her another one that I have that will perfectly fit it. She deserves to be able to stamp with them all!

Today is still yet to be determined.....I did wake up to a nice surprise on the scale - down 12.5 pounds!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 18 , 19, 20, & 21 - Phew!

Day 18
The winning choice was:

It was so fun for me because I did it secretly!

Day 19
My kids came home today so that was  highlight for me!
More Kids clothes!

I packed up some more little girl clothes to give away to a friend who has a boy - but no girl! I can't wait to meet up with her to actually physically give them to her!

Day 20
I took my mother-in-law to Zumba Jam - it was awesome! I love me some Zumba and I think next month I am going to try and get certified.  I would love to do this for fun and some extra money!
This day was coming down to the wire. I had not given away a single thing. We were on our way to Fayetteville to watch Nick race his car and the night was getting long. The kids were called to the announcers stand and they were throwing candy down for the kids.

I helped Abby of course get more than she needed, but then I also helped another little kid gather some as he was getting it stolen before he could reach it.
I may have not actually given it to him out of my own pocket, but I do feel that you need to help out kids who need it, whether you know them or not. 

Day 21
Stamping stuff has thrown up all over my crafting room.

I have tried to ebay some stuff, but it just didn't sell. Thank goodness for free auctions!
I decided to just get it all boxed up and ready to go.  I boxed up some stuff for a friend who crafts on a budget and never really buys anything for herself that she likes, she buys clearance regardless (she makes do with whatever). Nothing wrong with this - I just knew I had some things she would love but wouldn't buy,

Tomorrow I will list some more items on here ( I think ) that I will send to whoever wants them. I would just ask that you help with postage. In other words - you get it for the price of postage but it would technically be free if you lived here by me!

Day 22 is tomorrow and I can honestly say I am running out of things to just give away, This is good for me as I it means I did well on this challenge. I gave away more than I posted, but some things I felt as if they didn't really count.  I don't know why, but that is how I felt. This has been fun for me and made the month interesting. I have a new found sense of being clutter free! :)

I hope you all are doing well and let me know if you have any ideas for an upcoming month's challenge.  I think next month might actually be more crafty related to whittle down some more supplies and get ready for Christmas!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days 15, 16, & 17 - still deciding on 18!

Day 15
This is another day I am very proud of. Nick and I planned to do so much for ourselves this week that we didn't leave time for each other (since the kids are at the beach with Grandma) . We both decided to give up one night and give each other some time.
Nick and I decided on having a date night at Carraba's as I was given a gift certificate from the church for putting on VBS - which was awesome if I do say so myself - Even though I can honestly say I am not a fan of bamboo anymore.
While waiting for my husband to get home I realized that it had been about a year and half since our last real date.
A year and a half people!
This is not what I think of as healthy. I love my husband and I wanted to really enjoy this time with him alone.
I left my phone at home. I talked to him. I held his hand. I enjoyed him.
We laughed and really enjoyed the evening.
I think I will start to try and plan something like this here and there - it was way too long since the last one and I don't want to wait that long for another!
I plan to give up another night sometime soon!

Day 16
No this is not my closet. But I do have plenty of t-shirts!
I went through and made two piles. My friend Petra said she could use some size small - which I think I only own 2 of, so that was one sad pile. The other was for all other sizes - mostly large. I have those set aside for my girls at daycare to pick through, Chelsea said she could use them, so her wish was granted!

Day 17
In cleaning out my craft closet I found some brand new stamps that had never been opened.
I was obviously not going to use them anytime soon either - as I didn't remember I had them - HOW SAD!?
I decided to package those up and they are on their way to an unsuspecting friend right now!
That is the fun stuff - when they don't know!

Day 18
I cannot decide....I want to do one of two things....but not sure which one...
Give someone flowers for no reason - by leaving them on their doorstep

Or bake some cookies for our neighbors

I just like this picture that is why it is here - don't you love the blue mason jars??

Help me pick!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Days 12, 13, & 14!

Okay - sorry these last couple days are rolled into 2 posts...I wanted to try and post one thing a day, but it didn't happen that way!

Day 12
My kids have gotten plenty of time duplicate gifts.  I always hide them away and use them when and where I can to save some money.  Is this wrong? I don't know, but that is what I do!
I had a couple gifts to give away. Some went to one of my neighbors that I always pass in the parking lot at work - his daughter Faith will love them and he was all smiles!

Day 13
Weekends are always tough for me as I don't see a ton of people.  I invited my friend Petra to Zumba with me and I am not sure she loved it - but I am not sure that I love the idea of CrossFit like her :)
So for my give it away day I went through my stamps and set aside some for my mother-in-law. She is an avid stamper and will love them! I am glad they will get the love they deserve finally!

Day 14
Ahhh...I am happy with this day. 
I gave my time away today.
I helped Nick's mom run today for the longest she has ran. I helped her to change her breathing and teach her a couple tricks.
I spent the ENTIRE day with my baby girl Ryley and treated her to a new outfit (since she usually gets hand me downs for everything!)
Then I had a dear friend come over and we had a really lovely talk as friends should have - bouncing ideas off each other and taking advice.
I had a TON of stuff to do today - I mean A TON - but my time was better spent with people I love.

Starting tomorrow my kiddos are going to the beach. I have so much to do in that week and still relax!  I am excited for some of the things I will be doing.
I think I have found some creativity to play with and a new idea I have spinning in my head. Which leads me to ask - Do you need motivated?  If you have some things you need to accomplish - please email me with your goals and if there are some obstacles you need to overcome. and in the subject please put MOTIVATION HELP NEEDED :) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

9, 10, & 11

Day 9
I had no earthly idea what to give and the day was whittling away. I had a friend find out she was having a little girl (Congrats Tammy!) and asked if she would want clothes for when she was older - she said yes! So double bonus I get to meet up with her to give them to her which means good times with old friends!

Day 10
I have some little girls shoes that are not being used anymore and some are still like new! What a waste!
There is a girl I work with who has a 1 year old little girl - how perfect! She is a single parent and can use them more than my closet can! Score!

Day 11 - Today!
I had posted that I had cardstock to get rid of - one of my friends stated she would like some but had no money to really buy it right now. I told her it was hers for free - Cardstrock be gone! (There is more than what is in the picture)

Time to get ready for some more days of giving away! This is so fun - how is it going for you??

Monday, August 8, 2011

Give It Away - Take 7 & 8

No I didn't forget - I just didn't blog on Sunday - it was a very awesome family day of doing nothing but eBaying stuff that needed to go and I had no one I knew immediately who could use the stuff. 35 items listed with a few more to go.  Thanks goodness they give me 50 free auctions each month!!

Maternity Pants.
I was originally going to sell them - but then a dear old friend who I recently found on Facebook asked about them. I realized she needed them and I had them and therefore yesterday I gave away 3 pairs of maternity pants that are in great condition!!
Pink John Deere Infant Boots.
I loved these on my girls - now my good friend Cara has a baby girl and I think she should have them!
They are in great condition and need love! Today Cara and baby Chloe will be receiving these awesome boots!

So this was me in the month of May:

I was a horrible jogger and was going to give up.
I then changed my mind - this won't beat me!!
I have been running and walking basically every morning since.
I joined a running club, ran another 5K, and have also joined Zumba!!!!

This is now what I feel like:

As this morning when Petra and I ran our 3 miles (we are both now training for a Half-Marathon!!) her clock read 36 minutes and mine read 34 - so take the average of 35 and we are doing great!!!

Keep giving those things away and keep motivated to not let things beat you!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Give It Away Day 6 - More Clothes!

One giant garbage bag full of kids clothes that were out-grown, duplicates, stained, or what nots.
I took this to daycare. All the teachers were welcome to pick out clothes for their kids. If there were any left over (out of style or stained) they could be for the daycare.
This helps me out by getting them out of my house, and into the hands of people who need them and will use them for their intended purpose!

The sad part - there is still plenty of clothes to go through in my house!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Give It Away Day 5 - Great Start!

So I went through my closet and found clothes that I was never going to wear again or were too small or too big.
I took them to daycare and let one of my friends have them - told her what she wanted was hers - anything she didn't want - do whatever with. She was happy to take them off my hands

Yeah - my closet looks pretty again and not clogged.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Give It Away Day 4

Happy Birthday Mom!

For Day 4 I have a box of books that are being taken to Books A Steal in Sanford.
They sell all donated books and their rent is actually paid for by other store owners in town. All the people that work are volunteers and charity receives the profit. How awesome. I will donate to that! How about you?

So tell me - what are you going to donate today?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Give It Away Day 3

My friend Petra likes to make CD's - lucky her I found two spindles like this full of them! NEVER USED! Apparently I don't need them but had to have them.

Crazy I tell ya.

They are now hers - and I will get a couple back with new music :)

See how easy this is? Get going and feel good - Just give it away folks!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Give It Away Day 2

I had mistakenly bought two bras that were the wrong size.  I didn't get to return them as we ended up with sick kids, vacation, and a whole bunch of other things. I was not going to throw them out either.

I had a friend visit my house and we somehow got on the topic of bras. She was down to one that fit. She was just the size I had but couldn't wear.

2 new Victoria Secret Bras donated.
That was a hard one to part with for me just because I had bought them.
Thank goodness I will know what size I am not at the next semi-annual sale!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kick the Habit August 1-31 - FreelyBe.Org

So in addition to my giving one thing a way a day project - I am joining the girls at FreelyBe.Org in kicking the habit. What habit? Any habit you want to get rid of!

Here Are Mine:
 #1 - Stop drinking soda.  I would buy a can or bottle of soda a day - this would be $0.80 for a can $1.25 $1.35 for a bottle - that is such a waste!

#2 - Frivolous Spending. Yes, I spend. I have found that I need to stop. I can find a reason to buy anything - and I am gong to find a reason to not buy anything!

Your turn!

Just Give It Away August

So for my first day of August I am giving away some things I have (some were sadly unused) that need a home that will use them for their intended purpose!

I had bought a whole bunch of Stamping Bella rubber stamps that everyone fondly calls "Bellas" - they are super cute and super fun, but I just don't use them anymore!
The thing about Bellas is that they come from Canada so the shipping sucks and some people don't usually buy them because of it.

Today is also my awesome husband's birthday!
So I actually broke out the stamp stuff and made him a card. I completed CASed this card from a swap card I received - but most men go for the simple - so it works!