Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days 15, 16, & 17 - still deciding on 18!

Day 15
This is another day I am very proud of. Nick and I planned to do so much for ourselves this week that we didn't leave time for each other (since the kids are at the beach with Grandma) . We both decided to give up one night and give each other some time.
Nick and I decided on having a date night at Carraba's as I was given a gift certificate from the church for putting on VBS - which was awesome if I do say so myself - Even though I can honestly say I am not a fan of bamboo anymore.
While waiting for my husband to get home I realized that it had been about a year and half since our last real date.
A year and a half people!
This is not what I think of as healthy. I love my husband and I wanted to really enjoy this time with him alone.
I left my phone at home. I talked to him. I held his hand. I enjoyed him.
We laughed and really enjoyed the evening.
I think I will start to try and plan something like this here and there - it was way too long since the last one and I don't want to wait that long for another!
I plan to give up another night sometime soon!

Day 16
No this is not my closet. But I do have plenty of t-shirts!
I went through and made two piles. My friend Petra said she could use some size small - which I think I only own 2 of, so that was one sad pile. The other was for all other sizes - mostly large. I have those set aside for my girls at daycare to pick through, Chelsea said she could use them, so her wish was granted!

Day 17
In cleaning out my craft closet I found some brand new stamps that had never been opened.
I was obviously not going to use them anytime soon either - as I didn't remember I had them - HOW SAD!?
I decided to package those up and they are on their way to an unsuspecting friend right now!
That is the fun stuff - when they don't know!

Day 18
I cannot decide....I want to do one of two things....but not sure which one...
Give someone flowers for no reason - by leaving them on their doorstep

Or bake some cookies for our neighbors

I just like this picture that is why it is here - don't you love the blue mason jars??

Help me pick!


  1. Hi Molly!

    How are you? Long time since we talked. Miss you!


  2. Love it.. the cookies look sooo yummy!

  3. Love the blue mason jars, and the cookies :).


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