Sunday, August 14, 2011

Days 12, 13, & 14!

Okay - sorry these last couple days are rolled into 2 posts...I wanted to try and post one thing a day, but it didn't happen that way!

Day 12
My kids have gotten plenty of time duplicate gifts.  I always hide them away and use them when and where I can to save some money.  Is this wrong? I don't know, but that is what I do!
I had a couple gifts to give away. Some went to one of my neighbors that I always pass in the parking lot at work - his daughter Faith will love them and he was all smiles!

Day 13
Weekends are always tough for me as I don't see a ton of people.  I invited my friend Petra to Zumba with me and I am not sure she loved it - but I am not sure that I love the idea of CrossFit like her :)
So for my give it away day I went through my stamps and set aside some for my mother-in-law. She is an avid stamper and will love them! I am glad they will get the love they deserve finally!

Day 14
Ahhh...I am happy with this day. 
I gave my time away today.
I helped Nick's mom run today for the longest she has ran. I helped her to change her breathing and teach her a couple tricks.
I spent the ENTIRE day with my baby girl Ryley and treated her to a new outfit (since she usually gets hand me downs for everything!)
Then I had a dear friend come over and we had a really lovely talk as friends should have - bouncing ideas off each other and taking advice.
I had a TON of stuff to do today - I mean A TON - but my time was better spent with people I love.

Starting tomorrow my kiddos are going to the beach. I have so much to do in that week and still relax!  I am excited for some of the things I will be doing.
I think I have found some creativity to play with and a new idea I have spinning in my head. Which leads me to ask - Do you need motivated?  If you have some things you need to accomplish - please email me with your goals and if there are some obstacles you need to overcome. and in the subject please put MOTIVATION HELP NEEDED :) 

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  1. Wow you are really inspiring with this challenge!! I think you gave your most valuable item on Day 14, time. How AWESOME of you!


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