Monday, August 29, 2011

Just A Few More Days To Go!

The end is near!

Day 26
My youngest had to be picked up from school due a fever that is running through all the kids.
I had so much that I could have done at the house - but instead  I brought both my girls home and gave them as much love as I possibly could. I love them and want them to know that no matter what.
I passed up on my to-do list to be who I should every day! I know you may say this doesn't count...but I am counting it!

Day 27
My husband was with a friend wasting away the day. At this house a baby shower was going on inside for people I had never met. I went to pick up Nick and stepped inside to say hi - and saw that the baby had been given some rain forest themed items - and I had one I could add! I think her name was Becky and I know she is having a girl...and now they have a crib musical. light up thingy from me :)

Day 28
I have always wanted to be a mom that read to my kids as my parents always did to me.  I just never got around to it as I do all my stuff for the next day the evening prior. Bedtime is more of a rush than it is anything.  I decided that last night would be the beginning of my reading. I let Ryley pick her book and Abby even sat and listened - and she held onto my arm the whole time, so I knew I was doing something right by giving them my time.
When we were done Abby asked me if I could read her "God Book" to her after Ryley went to bed. I had tears in my awesome is that?  When Ryley went to bed we read the story of Adam and Eve out of the Children's Bible she received as a gift. I loved it.

Day 29
Okay - a lot of you know about my love of Starbucks Coffee. I have gift cards all the time, but since I never go there much anymore (the 30 minute drive to get there just sucks) I hate to see them lying around. This morning my girlfriend Hooters said she "needed" a Starbucks. I had a gift card in my car and passed it along...why let a good thing go to waste - and since she is one of my best-good-friends, I didn't mind at all....I hope she likes her coffee this morning!

What should I do for next month???


  1. saying and showing love for my family is ALWAYS on my to do never know when you will be saying "til we meet again" happened to our family last year...and i ALWAYS kiss them goodnight...near or far...and getting into the habit of reading a bedtime story is easy too...and motivates my grands to get ready for bed ASAP!...only takes 15 minutes to read a short book...but it builds a lifetime love of books/ safe/be well

  2. I started randomly giving away many of the cards in my stash that I made just for fun or out of a creative whim. Email or pm me your address as I would love to send one to you!

    P.S. If you happen to have anymore Starbucks cards that you are dying to get rid of I definitely could put it to good use ;-)


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