Friday, August 5, 2011

Give It Away Day 5 - Great Start!

So I went through my closet and found clothes that I was never going to wear again or were too small or too big.
I took them to daycare and let one of my friends have them - told her what she wanted was hers - anything she didn't want - do whatever with. She was happy to take them off my hands

Yeah - my closet looks pretty again and not clogged.


  1. I still haven't gone through that pile of clothes that I pulled out of my closet that are sitting in my bedroom floor taking up space. lol

  2. I so need to do this Molly! I just have to find someone to give them to. The girls went through their clothes and shoes yesterday and are getting rid of bunches. I was proud of them!

  3. I just went through my closet on Saturday and pulled out some good clothes that I'm not wearing, haven't worn, and won't wear in the foreseeable future and also some shoes that I had bought and haven't worn but once or twice. Going to donate them to MAM (Memorial Area Ministries).


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