Thursday, August 11, 2011

9, 10, & 11

Day 9
I had no earthly idea what to give and the day was whittling away. I had a friend find out she was having a little girl (Congrats Tammy!) and asked if she would want clothes for when she was older - she said yes! So double bonus I get to meet up with her to give them to her which means good times with old friends!

Day 10
I have some little girls shoes that are not being used anymore and some are still like new! What a waste!
There is a girl I work with who has a 1 year old little girl - how perfect! She is a single parent and can use them more than my closet can! Score!

Day 11 - Today!
I had posted that I had cardstock to get rid of - one of my friends stated she would like some but had no money to really buy it right now. I told her it was hers for free - Cardstrock be gone! (There is more than what is in the picture)

Time to get ready for some more days of giving away! This is so fun - how is it going for you??

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  1. you are such a incredible sweet Person... God bless you!


Thank you so much for your comment! I really apprciate that you took a look and left some love!