Monday, August 8, 2011

Give It Away - Take 7 & 8

No I didn't forget - I just didn't blog on Sunday - it was a very awesome family day of doing nothing but eBaying stuff that needed to go and I had no one I knew immediately who could use the stuff. 35 items listed with a few more to go.  Thanks goodness they give me 50 free auctions each month!!

Maternity Pants.
I was originally going to sell them - but then a dear old friend who I recently found on Facebook asked about them. I realized she needed them and I had them and therefore yesterday I gave away 3 pairs of maternity pants that are in great condition!!
Pink John Deere Infant Boots.
I loved these on my girls - now my good friend Cara has a baby girl and I think she should have them!
They are in great condition and need love! Today Cara and baby Chloe will be receiving these awesome boots!

So this was me in the month of May:

I was a horrible jogger and was going to give up.
I then changed my mind - this won't beat me!!
I have been running and walking basically every morning since.
I joined a running club, ran another 5K, and have also joined Zumba!!!!

This is now what I feel like:

As this morning when Petra and I ran our 3 miles (we are both now training for a Half-Marathon!!) her clock read 36 minutes and mine read 34 - so take the average of 35 and we are doing great!!!

Keep giving those things away and keep motivated to not let things beat you!!!


  1. WTG...being busy and active...

  2. Congrats on the running, amazing how things start to change and you can really see improvement after training. Good luck!

  3. Congrats on your running success.. I wish we lived closer so you could motivate me. Keep up the good Work!


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