Thursday, August 4, 2011

Give It Away Day 4

Happy Birthday Mom!

For Day 4 I have a box of books that are being taken to Books A Steal in Sanford.
They sell all donated books and their rent is actually paid for by other store owners in town. All the people that work are volunteers and charity receives the profit. How awesome. I will donate to that! How about you?

So tell me - what are you going to donate today?


  1. So now in addition to getting rid of those too-small clothes I may or may not ever fit into again, I can get rid of books that are taking up space because I cannot bear to just toss a book away. Mainly because I am a hoarder. ;) Seriously, I am so culling some books!

  2. Ooooh - we have given away a ton of books, probably need to go through them again though!! I had no idea about that place - totally taking my next set of giveaway books there!

    Today I gave away some photography, yesterday I gave away some music (to you :))... do these things count??? I think I am failing miserably at this!!! lol

  3. Wonderful Idea.. de-cluttering and helping others. You are in a inspiration to me!


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