Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay - I was actually excited that the ice and snow had subsided (I like the south for a reason - it is actually warm in the winter). Work was going to be a task but still it would be adult converstaion and I could do what I am paid to do! I got up, fed Abby, got her ready, let Tanner out to potty, get in the car, get gas, get to the daycare...CLOSED! REALLYY!!?? The roads are absolutely clear and so is their parking lot! I am out another day of work (which I probably shouldn't complain about becuase I can stamp more now), but I still have to pay! I know, I know, it is a business...but come on - today is fine!

So here we are with another morning of Dora's Pirate Adventure. Time to get something done I supposed - make the best of it, right? Thanks for stopping!

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  1. Hey - I made it, Miss Molly!

    Not sure which cards are yours or if those all came from a swap? Where do you get the little plastic things to put the cards in, do you know? That's great for gifting.

    LOL @ another morning of Dora's Pirate Adventure - we go through that with Dora's Birthday something...; funny.


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