Monday, January 26, 2009

5 Weeks To Go....

Okay - so I have 5 weeks to go. Last time I was already off work by now...but I am still working. Ryley Ann seems to think now is the time to turn into position and cause me pain. I cannot sleep for crap, cannot sit for any period of time comfortably, and so I am turning cranky. Nick is gone this week - which as first I was like "some time to stamp without having to worry about anything else." Already I miss him and wish he were least it is not a deployment...just a week, actually only 4 days. Abby is being good, a little fussy, but good. She seems to want to live on cheese and reese cups this week...but one week won't kill her, right?

I was going to make some new cards for you all to view, but tonight isn't going to work out like I thought. Instead I am going to bed...while the child inside is dormant. Sleep tight and hug the one you are with...

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  1. ..awww....Miss Molly - sorry you had an uncomfortable day...and that you miss your hubby :( When you wake up tomorrow, it's one day closer to seeing him...and one day closer to the new baby! Just think about tomorrow - it's sure to be a great day ;)


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