Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biblical Impressions Design Team Member Here!

I couldn't be happier to announce that I am a part of the Biblical Impressions Design Team!
I was honored and excited as I love to use scripture on my cards and to send to people I have been praying for. I may not always come across as the typical Christian - but I do have a growing faith and love of prayer - as I know first handed it works.

Here is another one of my smaller cards that I can slip into someone's book, or their pocket, or something.  I like to leave them so people know I have been praying for them without trying to be thanked for it. It isn't something we should need recognition for, we should just be doing it.

I used the Medium Sunflower Image - which can also be ordered in large.  I also used the verse
1 Thes 5:11.

Have you prayed for anyone today?


  1. Congratulations Molly...:) This is lovely.

  2. Congratulations Molly on being part of the biblical DT. Great idea on the small cards on someone pocket or book, that is amazing. I should put that idea in practice. It is nice to know that someone is praying for you!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Congratulations. What a great accomplishment!


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