Thursday, September 1, 2011

Set It Right September

Can you believe that it is September 1st???
Football Starts!!
I love me some AJ Hawk #50 for the Green Bay Packers, Santonio Holmes #10 for the Jets, and THE Ohio State University.
I am excited to say the least!

Last month's Challenge of Give It Away August was great - couldn't be happier as to how it helped me clear myself or both things and mind clutter!

This month we are having Set It Right September.
Set It Right? Yup!
Is there something that you have hated and want to fix? Maybe a couple things. Nothing awful - but you want to end whatever it is and make it work.
I have three things that I am needing to do and wanting to do and I need to just change some things and Set It Right so that I can accomplish what I need to. No more excuses!

Goal #1:
Stop Biting My Nails
I have done this since I can remember and I hate it. I sometimes don't realize what I am doing until I am doing it! It has to stop. Will Power is what this will take! Maybe even some ugly nail polish to make me want my nails to look prettier...I will conquer this!

Goal #2:
Run 100 Miles This Month.
I need to kick my training into high gear for the half marathon I want to compete in, in November.
I want to do this for me. It is a selfish reason. I don't want to just give up and say it is too hard - I will finish and I will be proud of myself. My girls will also see that if you set your mind to it you can do it. I will Set It Right for them.

Goal #3:
No Soda
I need to get back to my goal of no soda intake. I have slacked and drank some this last couple weeks (okay, more than some) and I have started to feel like crap. I need to intake water - maybe allow one or two for the month - but mostly water.

On a side note my husband's unit is doing a 60 day contest that starts the Tuesday after Labor Day on who can lose the most body fat. I am going to join him on this challenge as it is easier to do some things in numbers. I am so excited to get more fruits and veggies in the house. He is not excited, but I really am. This will help me in some personal goals that I have.

What goals do you want to accomplish?  Leave a comment with them and your email - I will encourage you along the way!  Start the Tuesday after Labor Day - you will feel better if you don't do it this weekend, so you can enjoy a weekend of fun!

I can't wait to clue you all in on something that is in the works and is so stinking exciting I can't stand it! More to Come!


  1. This is awesome Molly! I pray you achieve your goals, what great goals you're going for. I drink mainly water and add lemon to mine. I've read where some add an orange. I've never tried that but I do love lemon in mine.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. i miss santonio playing for THE STEELER NATION...i quit biting my nails when i got braces...i was 24...but you can do it!!...carry nail clippers with you...everywhere...and clip instead...even a little snip will help you not bite...emery boards work too...gradually you don't snip as often and you don't bite either...well it worked for me...good for soda i rarely drink me hiccups...drink water instead...i add lemon to mine safe/be well

  3. What terrific goals, Molly!! I wish you lived close to me so we could be running buddies!

  4. Goals are wonderful things. Good luck on accomplishing the ones you've set for yourself. I think you should add #4 - stamp something! :)


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