Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello All - Updates!

Hi All!

I have been a horrible blogger lately and I believe that once this awful month passes I will have my head screwed on tightly again!

A Couple Things To Note:
Fun-Frilled - Lots of great cards and contests!
Digiments - GREAT new company with contests!
Today I Said A Prayer For You - blog for prayer requests!
Molly's Army coming soon!

Plus More - Yes somehow there will be even more!

Hug the one you are with ~ snit happens ~we all need to get over it sometimes!


  1. So glad to see you again Molly, hope abby had a wonderful birthday. And I'm intrigued to see what Molly's army is about!

  2. nice to see you again Molly. Looking forward to seeing some more great molly creations

  3. I like your ending comment. Have a great weekend!

  4. Molly - I think holidays and family commitments have a way of cutting into our crafting.. at least that's my excuse!!
    Good to see you back. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. MAy is always so busy in our house too. Hope everything settles down for you soon.

  6. Missed ya Molly! Hope all settles soon.

  7. Miss you Molly, but understand all the craziness that happens in May. Once everything settles we look forward to you showing off your talents. HUGS to you and your family!

  8. Good luck with all your endeavors molly. I know what your saying! I've been busy with my 3 DT's too...LOL


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