Sunday, February 15, 2009

Card Kits

Secret Sister Card Kits for this month!! I have so much fun with these types of swaps! I am on two on SCS and these are the two most recent ones I got and the top two cards I created from them...Thank you secret sisters - you are going great!!

These two came from my mother-in-law. She also participates on swaps both locally and on SCS and she sent me two in Abby's Valentine's package - it was great! I enjoyed getting creative this week!

I have been MIA and apologize to those that were baby yet...just an awful head cold from this crazy weather! Two weeks to go on Tuesday - which is ALSO my day to unveil my card for the Fun-Frilled Design Team I am on!! Please make sure you take a look (link is to the right) as we are having BLOG CANDY!!!!!
Nick and I went shopping this weekend and bought our double stroller...I really feel like a mom now! WE also bought some other odds and ends...just more crib sheets are left ***I think! :) Please check our family blog (link is also to the left) as Abby got her big girl bed!!
I also was able to place a nice size order from my girl Manda today as Nick got his bonus and was nice enough to share some...he readily agreed when I took him into the Coach store and showed him the diaper bag...the lady told him it was $428...he immediately responds "dollars??!!" Stamps were not that big of a deal at that point!!
And of course...the Daytona 500 was today. I am not a fan of the comments a few buttheads made about Dale Jr (Kyle I am going to throw a tantrum Bush and Brian I wreck my teammates at Talladega and now I don't have a car worth a crap Vickers) when he clearly was just trying to stay out of th grass and not ruin his car. Too bad for the other 8 drivers though. I watched for Casey Mears for Michelle, but all in all not bad, but always disappointing when rain makes the winner. Matt Kenseth is a good guy though...Yeah for him.
Hug the one you are with folks!


  1. Wow that sounds like fun getting a surprise car kit it looks like you had fun using them too very cute cards love the snowman.

  2. LOL @ the Coach purse sticker shock - haaaa

    Your MIL makes nice cards too!

    Love your Valentine card...the hearts are so great.

    Glad you resurfaced...always think it's baby news when you're gone.

  3. What a fun swap! Your cards are wonderful!

  4. Really cute, I like them all.

    They make a diaper bag that costs $428? Does it change the baby for you?

  5. These cards are great! My gosh, what an expensive baby diaper bag! But good to hear you're doing your part to support the economy.

  6. Cute cards! I like the layouts on them...tfs!!!

  7. All great cards the little bug one at the last the best!

    Hope you feel better soonest. I am on the mend myself....seems half our group are down for the count!

  8. Great swap cards! Love how you used the punches. So cute!
    :) Rachel


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