Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gearing Up

First of all...not sure if you can tell, but the colors are white, pink, and my camera stinks!

I am trying 3 more craft fairs this fall to try and get some funds for last minute Christmas shopping.  I am sticking to cards as that is how I made money last time...not much on the other ideas. 
I am going to be selling thank you notes in sets of 6 for $8.00 - What do you think?
I use one sheet of DP for $0.59, about $1.00 worth (Acutally less) of ribbon, about $1.00 of glue, $0.32 in cardstock, and $1.00 per pack of 8 envelopes and notecards. 

Add that up -  $3.91 in product give or take - so that means $4 profit on each set - not including my time which is okay since this is stress relief for me.

Please don't forget that tomorrow a challenge will be posted for all to join!!!

~ Hug the one you're with ~


  1. lovely card, good luck at the fair :)

  2. Great cards! I think they are priced right...

  3. Can't help with the price, but I think they are really special.

  4. Such a cute thank you!! I bet they will sell quickly at that price!


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