Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh My!

So I have been busy with work and a distribution center change, working extra hours as Nick's transmission went out, and my car needed fixed, then halloween goodie bag making, and a craft show to get ready for...I have totally neglected my blog and my responsibilities to my TUC girls!  SO SORRY girls and I LOVE YOU!  I am unloading pictures from my camera now, and will be looking for a new blog design shortly....I hope to back in business with posts up tomorrow!

**Side note - got my new design up and running! Progress is always so nice!


  1. We did miss you Molly, welcome back. Pleased to hear you can cut your hours back at work and fixed the transmission. Looking forward to seeing some of your beautiful work real soon.

  2. Your new blog design looks sensational, Molly!


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