Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Time For Prayer

You could say my faith has been jump started with some things I have gone through over the last two months - both in my community and in my personal life.
Prayer has become my new found sanity. I can pray for those who need it and someone who is greater than I can hear my prayer and do what is right in His will. My God is mighty to save.

Sunday's will be a time of Prayer Requests.
If you have one you want added - leave a comment and I will add it for the next Sunday.
Please take the time to pray - it is amazing what the power of prayer can do.

This week it will be blank - but next week it will have requests.

A friend and I have also started to write cards of encouragement to missionaries here and abroad. We are just two people writing over 50 people every couple of months - but it is an amazing blessing ot be part of.

Please see my page (listed under the header) on what we have going on!

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  1. Molly - one of my favorite Card Sentiments is 'Kindness comes in many forms but always from the heart'. Embracing Kindness is hard for some people, but you seem to have mastered it in all that you do for others. You are one very special, kind and giving person. You should be very proud of all you have overcome and accomplished of late, I am proud just to know you and I am loving following your journey.

    Danie xxx

    Danie xxx


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