Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Seriously

So...these last couple of weeks have just been a reality check.
Our town was basically blown apart by a tornado.
I have seen so many people giving and helping in a way I cannot even explain.
I realized things can be taken away in a heartbeat and what really matters is family and friends.
I have decided that family is what I love.
I enjoy crafting and I enjoy reading books.
But I love my family.
I am going to take more time to love them and really, really enjoy them.
We had a free weekend and we took it to go to the races and then a family day at the park in downtown.

Friends - they can come and go, but I know that I am blessed to have more than some.
I am not going to gossip or talk behind people's back.
I want to have real fun with them and not worry that I might tell on myself for something I should have never said.

I am going to be a better person to my family and friends.
I deserve to have a life of memories if it all gets taken away tomorrow.


  1. Very moving message in your post today. We all need to take the time periodically and reassess our priorities. TFS.

  2. Very well put Molly! And I agree with Paige in that everyone needs to get their priorities straight in life - me included!
    I'm so glad you and your family are ok (you've been in my thoughts and prayers) and my heart goes out to you and all the people in your area that lost so much.

  3. Oh Molly,
    It has been really tough and sometimes we do need a reality check as you say. Thinking of you right now and sending a long distance cyber hug.

  4. Agree wholeheartedly with your post today Molly. We need to count the people who count to us and hold them close. It's not what we do or what we have, it is what is inside us that really matters.

  5. Totally agree with your post Molly! Enjoy your family & I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  6. Joy and blessings to you, Molly!! Treasure each moment with family and friends!

  7. i agree with you 100% molly!! so glad to hear you are ok!! i'm been off the internet for a while and that makes a lot of sense!!!

  8. i am so glad you are safe. you are all in my thoughts & prayers.

    hugs :)

  9. Molly, that was really something well said. Personally, something happened recently to me, and it made me think more than ever, and how much my family meant to me. It shouldn't be only after losing that we learn. Let's all stop the excuses and spend the time as wisely as we can with the family, because they are utmost important to our lives. I'm glad you and your family are safe. I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers, that life will reinstate as soon as possible. :)

    Hugs, Stacy

  10. Thank you for the beautiful Message. Thank you for sharing it. Tragedies can make you realize important things.. Hang on to them and change your Life.. God bless you and everyone affected by tragedies!

  11. It often takes tragic events such as this to make us refocus on just what is important to us or to focus more greatly. Thank you for making us all reflect on this today.


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