Friday, May 27, 2011


First and Foremost:


My little girl turns 4!!!

This leads me to my post today:
I want to be here for her and her sister as long as I can.

I recently jogged (people walked it faster than I jogged it) my first 5K. I think I died a little - my legs took 4 days to heal. Note to self - you might want to try to train some before just trying to do it because it is free!

I realized that I am out of shape and eat like crap. I love food and hobbies that I sit down for, what can I say? I decided that even though I am not a fan of torture like running - the fact that it was so hard for me hurts. I used to be a competitive gymnast who could do anything it seemed. I know it will not happen like that again - but I would really like to be able to play with my kids without huffing and puffing the whole time.
My goal is to walk our town greenway at least 4 times a week and jog it 1 time a week. It is a paved 5K :)

I love food - all kinds of it and especially the fair food that is awful for you.

I hate water - HATE IT. Forced to drink it for those 8 years of gymnastics ruined me. But soda is going to kill me faster. No soda - or at least not one a day :) (or two if we are being honest).  I bought myself a cute little cup for work and plan to drink water out of it because our water cooler is free to me and who doesn't want to drink out of a cute cup!!??  I am also going to start bringing my lunch to work because that keeps me from buying the crap they serve to us. If you can't tell what it is - how do you know it is healthy??  I have been buying more produce and less frozen, cooking more and heating up less, and even if I am not a fan of it - I will still eat it.  I also can tell you I have been eating breakfast every morning - a cup of coffee and oatmeal - what a difference that makes!  I am not hungry till lunch (most days) and can tell you I have lost weight just from cutting the soda and eating oatmeal - go me!

My plan is to continue this trend. I want to be a better version of me both inside and out. I just value some things more than I did and I am glad I got that point loud and clear about a month or so ago. I will never be the skinny girl after two kids - but I can be the healthy girl who has meat on her bones!

Craftiness happened last night as Nick was on staff duty - so you will see that post soon!!

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  1. I agree with you 100% Molly! I'll never go back to my highschool figure after 3 children but I'm very healthy & fit for my age!

    Happy Birthday to Abby too & I hope she has a FAB day!!!!

  2. Congrats on your 5K. I hear you on wanting a better you inside and out. WTG! Keep up the great Work.. Happy 4th Birthday to your little Girl!

  3. Go Molly. Good on you for thinking about your life and then putting a plan in place.
    And guess what, Molly - you will feel so much better in so many ways because of your actions.

  4. I hope Abby had a wonderful 4th Birthday. I loved reading about your new getting healthy regime. I think the best thing is being realistic in your goals and not forgeting to be naughty every now and then so it keeps you motivated to achieving the good. My goal for the remainder of the year is to be more active - whether it be doing more in the garden or attempting to exercise.

  5. Happy Birthday to Abby! It sounds like you are on a good path, getting healthy and reassessing priorities are big steps but can have an amazing impact on your life. I wish you all the best. I'm on a bit of the same journey myself, will cheer you on from afar!


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