Monday, January 10, 2011

Challenge Time!

So me and my TUIC girls like to do challenges - but this is open to everyone!  I will be giving a prize to those in the group and another to those outside of the group!  Please don't forget that Danielle is also doing a challenge for the group at the same time! Vist her here:

Here are the details: Starts Monday, January 10th - Ends Monday, February 7th - poll will be open for 2 days of voting. 

The Challenge: Find something you were given for Christmas that inspires your creativity - take a picture. Make a card with that inspiration - take a picture. Send them both to me at (so I can keep them all in one place) and you will be entered!  Easy Peasy!

Victoria's Secret Gift Card Holder:

The Card:


~ Hug the one you're with ~


  1. What a fun challenge, Molly!! I'll have to root through my loot and see what inspires me!!

  2. Very cute!!!! Hmmmmm I didn't get much for Christmas I will have to think on this!

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge that you did fabulously. ;)

  4. LOVE IT!!! What a fun challenge! I will get right to it! Great card!


  5. This looks great Molly! I think I can do this challenge.

  6. Hi Molly, love your challenge criteria. can't wait to get home and rummage through my things to find something to inspire me. I love inspiration challenges like this......

  7. what a fun challenge. I am going to have to rummage though my christmas gifts and try to get some inspiration. I did get a whole set of hello kitty things maybe I'll so something like that. I love love love your take on the vicky's secret gift card turned card.




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