Monday, January 3, 2011

BRAK - January

So for this month's round of BRAK - Birthday Random Acts of Kindness I decided to make some different cards instead of an assembly line like I ususally do!  I also decided to use scraps that I had saved to use later and just never used!  I think that is something I want to do more of this year - use what I have and not spend (we had to put in two transmissions, pay off a school debt sooner than expected, and some other mis-fortunes along the way). I am putting my self on a spending freeze so I can catch back up - but don't feel bad for me at should see what all I have to work with!  I have my own little store!
But anyways - back to the point here...I made these cards to give and now I am not sure if I want to! Isn't that just typical??!!

Ink: {Ippity}
DSP: My Minds Eye (I think)
Cardstock: Georgia Pacific
Cardstock : Randome Brown Scraps
Stamp: Let Them Eat Cake - Stampin' Up!
Embellishments: Large Eyelets - Stampin' Up!

There will be more of these cards this week!!

*******CHALLENGE NEWS*******
Members of TUIC and any others that want to participate - There will be a challenge next week with prizes for those in the group and another prize for those outside of the group - SO FUN!!!

~ Hug the one you're with ~


  1. I always say that with my cards...."I really want you to have it but I don't want to give it to you!!!!" LOL great job on this card Molly!


  2. WOW! This is so pretty. LOVE that background paper. Great card.

  3. Great work on this card Molly. The receipient will appreciate your thoughts.

  4. LOL Molly I think most of us would say we have our own little store in our craft rooms, and I am totally with you on the spending freeze at the moment. I love the paper you have used for your card today the blue is so pretty and goes so nicely with the neutral coloured cardstock. I think using up all your scraps is a great New Year's Resolution.

  5. Wonderful card Molly. Give that card away-no hording. :)

  6. Hi Molly. I have been scrap card making too last night. It really gets you thinking and I think it stretches our creativity. Love blue and Kraft together.

  7. Great card Molly! Keep it up.

  8. This is a simple card and very pretty.

  9. Very cute card! Good luck with your freeze - I am on one too!!!!!! We can cheer each other on!

  10. I need to do this and put myself on a spending freeze. I have been so bad recently! Love the way you used your scraps, I have a ton sitting around that I always say I will use, but I always reach for a new sheet of DP... usually buy a new sheet of DP!

  11. Fun papers and great layout on this wonderful birthday card, Molly!

  12. Wonderful card Molly. I do the same thing and now I have boxes of cards! We can't keep them all ... lol.

  13. Very pretty card! This is such a versatile layout.


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