Saturday, July 9, 2011

Simplicity Saturday - Finances

This past year has been a struggle for us financially.
Nick had a transmission that went out and had to be replaced TWICE.
A "friend" bounced a hefty check on me and also bounced out of town herself.
Pay is still short of what I left at John Deere.
Daycare is over half my current paycheck and there are still bills to pay.
I am not asking for sympathy as I know a lot of people are in my position. I am not going to let it defeat me either - I am going to win this battle!

I have found some new found ways to make money with auctions on Facebook (see post HERE for more details) - not much, but every little bit helps!

You got something that you don't want anymore? Someone out there does. Trust me on that one. I sold a bottle of Christmas Noel Vanilla lotion (smells just like the regular vanilla that sells for $10.50) for $10 including shipping that was $2 - really??  They saved $0.50 and I made $8 on a gift I didn't need or every use.  Kids clothes that would sell at Once Upon A Child, or consignment shops wouldn't take - sold them in
"lots" as they were still in great condition.  Trust me - get a shipping quote first so you don't lose on that - but there is someone who will want it - even if you have to relist it.

I love to read, but hate to actually pay for books. is a website you list what books you have, someone wants it - you send it at your cost to the. In return you get a book you want sent to you at the sender's cost.  This is totally worth it for me as our library sucks and sending a book via USPS (media mail is cheaper) is cheaper than driving to base.

Dave Ramsey
Check him out.
Totally worth it. I will be debt free within 2 years with his plan. It doesn't take much - just discipline.


  1. Wow, Molly! I so admire you for all your are doing and so creatively! Keep up the good work, girlie!

  2. Good on you Molly. I love your positive the glass is half full attitude. All the best with it all.

  3. These are all great ideas Molly. I just turned 40 and I feel like I really need to be on some sort of goal, challenge or plan. Especially when it comes to my finances. I've read Dave's books. He's really good. I just need to put it into action. Thanks for sharing some of these ideas as I did not know about some of them. Blessings and prayers.


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