Tuesday, July 19, 2011

August Challenge Has Been Decided!

So I have decided what my first monthly challenge will be:

Give Away One Thing A Day

Now this is not give someone your junk - this is give away something that someone needs that you have, you don't use it but it is still good for someone else, or it might be painful but you need to get rid of it.

A meal, a card, a shirt, a baking dish, an ear to someone who needs you at that moment and you normally wouldn't listen to them (not that you don't like them),  give away your seat for someone who needs it, etc.

The stuff we collect in life sometimes had a meaning for a moment, or never really did, and we still have it.  I plan to go through my things and make a pile of "Give Away" and "Throw Away" and I expect to be done with these piles at the end of the month or shortly after!  I am not going to plan anything, and I am going to try and make it a "in this moment this person needs what I have " type of thing.

I encourage you all to join me!  Please leave comments and post what you have done as I will do the same!
If you email me at mollyritterbeck@gmail.com I will keep you in the loop of updates and fun ideas and extra challenges!  Those who officially sign up with the email will be entered into a prize at the end of the month (it will be new and not recycled - he he!) as long as you have done all 31 days of giving.

To be officially signed up:
2 - blog, facebook, twitter, or email me about your daily give aways

(Follow my blog if you want, friend me on facebook - Molly Donohue Ritterbeck, or follow me on Twitter - MissMollyDR to stay up to date with me!)

That is it! Will You Join?


  1. What an awesome challenge! I do this quite often and love it. I love giving things to someone who really needs it. The best part is when I don't want to part with it, when that thought of, you might need this comes up and I get rid of it anyway.

    Have a great day!

  2. I love this challenge!! I've just weeded through a lot of stuff (and posted it on Free-cycle). I'm sure I can come up with 31 things I don't need that someone else can use. Great challenge!

  3. What a great challenge Molly! I will definitely be making a few piles of things to give away since within the next few days....my corner is full of scrapbook/stamping stuff that I bought but never used so I'm sure my clients will LOVE going through it all!!!

  4. That sounds like a fun challenge. Not sure if I'll sign up, but it's something to think about. I look forward to seeing more of your blog posts.

  5. nice challenge...i already do a lot of that...part of my promise to God to be "christ-like"...and i also believe in karma...go put good out to gather good in right?

  6. What a great challenge, and very timely for me. I am working on getting rid of lots, too much baggage and clutter in my life.

  7. Sounds great Molly, I am doing the same thing, getting rid of my stamps, I am giving them away as blog candy.

  8. What a wonderful post, Molly! I love your challenge and am glad I saw it in time to begin the month of giving! It will be fun to see your posts as well as posts from others who will be giving, too. Count me in! :-)


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