Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday -

I found my new favorite tool to use to help me know how far I am running!

It pulls up maps of your neighborhood, or parks, or streets or whatever so you can figure out what you are accomplishing during your morning route.
One thing I will advise - be careful where you click - I thought I was doing so good on my run to find out I clicked about three times to many giving myself an extra 3/4 of a mile. OOPPS!  Yeah that kind of killed my motivation for a week or so.  I am back though and my friend Petra and I are doing great!

As for food....I have found myself in a love hate relationship with food!
I find that I am always hungry but hate having to always eat.
Mornings are coffee, some oatmeal, lunch of a salad with sunflower seeds, and dinner is a meat of some sort with vegetables. I am really lacking in the morning and afternoon snack department.  I know I need to drink more water and less soda too.  I love my soda though.

What are your ideas?
What types of good for you snacks do you have in the morning/afternoon?
What do you drink instead of soda?
Please note I would like ideas that taste good - please :)

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  1. I always have Crystal Light on hand for when water gets boring... it's still light on the nutrition but gives you that little pick me up. :) As for snacks, I keep it simple - with carrot sticks, a granola... if you have your nutrition balanced in the morning, with lots of protein and a little carb action then you don't get that snack craving... at least that's what has worked for me. Keep it up! You're doing great!!


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