Friday, June 24, 2011

Fitness Friday

It is crazy to think I couldn't run but one eigth of a mile a little over a month ago.  I was dying from that.  It all started when I decided I think I am going to do a 5K this weekend.
Read all about it HERE - you will laugh.
Jogged/Walked a 5K in just over 44 minuts.  Nick jogged it in lik 21 minutes - that is a 7 minute mile people - he did the Army 10 miler with 7 minute miles. He is awesome. I, ont he other hand, am not.

I have been steadily walking and increasing my jogging every morning on my 5:00 am routing with my friend Petra.  Yesterday we jogged a full mile. A FULL MILE! I was so proud - only took us a month, but I was sooo happy!
After July 4th we are going to add another mile to our two mile routine.  We roughly have 30 minutes give or take to do this so it is a fun challenge as well.

Here are a few places I go to learn about the food side of keeping me going through my fitness fun - and it is getting kind of fun despite what I originally thought!

My girlfriend Jessye Grebe is starting up her blog - not much there yet, but she is such an encouragement I am sure her blog will blossom right along!

My girlfriend Donna Adams from THE Ohio State University is into this Tri-Athlete thing. I thought I was crazy!  She is normal and real and her blog is very real. Okay hers isn't about food, but her fitness lifestyle is fun to follow!

She is fun and silly but had really great health food content in the midst of her "make you smile" blog posts.

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  1. Just wait! I'm reading all kinds of nutrition for endurance athletes... Food will be coming soon! :) and keep it up, you're doing great!!! :) when I send you the money for the treat bags, I'll through in some Fluid samples for your muscle recovery - I'm never sore after hard workouts anymore! :)


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