Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart

So I joined a Valentines Day Exchange where you get a name, someone gets yours and between a group of you fill and send a bow worth $25 - sounds great right? Especially when it is hosted by someone whom you have come to know through the blogging world and other things!
Well you send yours off and your never comes. Bummer - but you hold nothing against the person who hosted because they can't make someone do something - right? That is my stance.
Instead - my friend not only gave me AND my kiddos something - the word got out and I received two additional packages from people who were in the swap.
I  was shocked. BUT WAIT till you see these packages - I couldn't even speak!

I never expected Michelle to make up for someone.
She is just this nice.
Michelle ~ Even though we don't "know" each other - I think you are great!

If you haven't visited her blog you need to - it will make you smile everyday.
Plus her coupon adventures are out of this world!

~ Hug the one you're with ~


  1. What a wonderful thing to have happen Molly. Your children look so happy.

  2. What a lovley thing to do...I love these gorgeous photos...they say it all!

  3. Oh you're SO welcome! And I'm glad other things made it your way too. I love seeing the girl. Funny how now they are a little bit older, Abby really looks like you and Ryley really looks like Nick. Fun fun; it was MY pleasure, doll!

  4. That is so awesome for Michele to do. You take chances in this cyber world but you would hope that we are all adults and everyone will behave as such. Those are some great packages and cute kiddos too!

  5. What a great story - your right you can't make someone do something, even if they sign up, and your kind attitude about it is awesome. So many wonderful people in the blogging world, what great packages you received, and what adorable little girls.

  6. Wow amazing! Glad things worked out. Your little girls are so cute!

  7. What an amazing act of kindness and I love the photos of the girls openning the surprises, Christmas must be so much fun at your house.

  8. So sweet!!! Your girls are sooooo cute! Wonderful of your group to pull together to shower you with goodies, no fun being let down by a swapper.


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