Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank You Cards Galore!

Hello Ladies!
Sorry for the absence of pictures...Nick is gone right now at school and that tends to make blogging difficult if I can't do it extremely early or extremely late! When he is gone I am whopped! By the way for those of you not on Facebook or Twitter - Another day down, and another test passed!! GO NICK!
Anywho...Here is the start of my MANY thank you cards. I was asked to do 100 thank you cards for a friend for her baby showers....yes 100 of them! I was so excited! To keep it simple I did just a couple variations of layouts, and really just differed the paper....I figured non-card people wouldn't care about the layout like I would anyways! Needless to say you will be seeing thank you cards for a while

Both of these cards are utilizing Stampin' Up! Cardstock and Designer Series paper. The stamp is also Stampin' Up! and one of the only Thank you stamps I have I found out! Glad I like it!

As stated, the layour is the same....I just varied it a bit...darker purple and added pink!
~Hug the one you're with~


  1. 100 cards? Seriously? That would kill me - LOL But you seem to have a system. And these colors are just perfect for baby showers. That's some good money right there!; you go, girl!

  2. Wow, 100 cards...great idea to keep it simple!

  3. You'll be seeing thank you cards in your sleep. Nice layout and colors.

  4. Cute thank you with the polka dot background!! What a brave girl and dear friend you are to take on this project!! Best wishes to the baby and their family!!

  5. you can never have too many thank you cards!

  6. Love these cards! I know this is crazy sounding but "thank u's" are the hardest card to make for me! I feel like mine are always so generic!


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