Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You Cards Day 4

Oh Look! I went vertical on this one!
More Stampin' Up!

This card - I love this paper! Not so keen on the card itself.
I think it is just because I loved the paper so much I wanted to card to just be the bomb...
Didn't work so much for me! What do you think?

Well - Close to My Heart did great on this green paper...sorry I didn't do it justice!
~Hug the one you're with~


  1. Changing it up a little bit goin' vertical, eh? I would do the same with all that mass producing trying to change something to not bore me! Love that ribbon you've got on the second one - adds an elegant touch.

  2. I think you did that green paper justice and made it the star of the card...I do love that white satin ribbon!

  3. That beautiful green and brown paper looks sensational mounted on white with the white satin ribbon!! Great cards!!

  4. That green card is lovely. I often feel bad about using my favourite papers. I tend to hoard them, untill I finally force myself to cut into them.

  5. Both these cards are wonderful. Anyone who receives these cards will feel appreciated.

  6. Beautiful Cards! Check out my blog...there is an award for you!

  7. Beautiful paper! Love how you used it! TFS!

  8. I like how you showed off the paper with the green card...with just the white bow...great idea!


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