Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Husband Is My Hero

A break from creating for this update about "Neighborhood Watch Nick" Moment
It is 5:30 in the morning and my husband randomly gets thirsty. He sees that my truck light is on but thinks that I have "had a moment" and left my light on. When he gets done quenching his thirst he looks back out. He notices that there is a guy walking around the corner of our house. He keeps walking, so Nick opens the front door. The guy looks, walks to my truck, shuts the door, and starts running up the street.
Of course my husband is the macho man's man, and takes of running after him in nothing but his boxer shorts.
The guy apparently had grabbed the 1 lb. bag of M&M's that were in my truck to be sent to Afghanistan to a friend., becuase he threw them, yes threw them at my husband as he was running after him.  I think he was hoping my husband would turn into a cartoon and his feet would look like Fred Flinstone, he would remain in place and get away.  Apparently this guy doesn't know my husband. Nick caught him the next house up. I live in an older development - it wasn't that far from the M&M's.
Nick - typical military guy - decides to "smoke" the guy on his way back once he caught and makes him pick everything up that he threw out of his pockets.  Gets back to the house to ring the doorbell - that apparently doesn't work - Becuase I didn't hear it.  Now I did hear the front door open when the chase began, but I thought my perfect lawn obsessing husband was just starting to water the lawn early....like the movie Field of Dreams or something. Wrong.  ANYWAYS....he decides to kick the door and that worked to wake me up.  I look out the front door and see this man in my lawn with Nick holding him by one hand. I thought the guy was hurt and Nick was helping him - nope, this is when NIck preceeds to tell me that the guy was breaking into my truck.  911 here I come!
The guys kept asking to be let go and swore he didn't take anything, tha tis until Nick pulls out my credit card.  The guy preceeds to say "My bad, just that one thing."  My husband starts talking to him with words I cannot repeat. Intersting morning so far, right?
The 3 cops show up.  The first one walks up while Nick has his knee in the guys back (he tried to get up only once) and comments "How's it going little fella?"  They handcuffed the guy, took our info, and so it goes.
About 4 hours later we get a call and they tell Nick "Thank you."  Understatement of the year.  THe guy had a warrant out for his arrest for 3 SEXUAL OFFENSES.  I have 2 little girls. Not cool.

Let me just tell you. My purse was in my unlocked truck that morning - well every morning.  I grew up in a place where you didn't lock your front door at night even if you weren't home. I was lucky becuase nothing of mine was taken. Well it was but we got it all back.

#1 Lock your doors on everything
#2 Keep your purse inside
#3 Do you really need all those credit/debit cards in your wallet?
#4 A Self-Defense class is not a bad thing. (I have a 45 but am I glad I have my husband!)
My husband is my hero. I am forever thankful that he is the man he is and that he gets thirsty at 5:30 in the morning.

More crafting tomorrow.

~ Hug the one you're with ~


  1. oh wow scary. Your husband sounds like a hero your lucky to have him...


  2. You leave your purse in your car - unlocked?? It used to be that way back in the day - but the world has gone crazy. Who cares about the credit card - he stole your m&ms too?! Whoa - that's an exciting morning for sure!

  3. I'm glad to hear nobody got hurt...you have one brave husband!

  4. I'm glad the guy was caught, and that you are all ok.

  5. Oh my gosh I got the chills reading this! Oh I am so thankful no one was hurt and nothing was taken...that is just scary.

  6. Don't worry about the purse mishap....I'm afraid I grew up the same way and every so often I also forget. Scary - but glad everything turned out ok. Give your husband a high five!

  7. Wow what an exciting morning. What a brave husband. It does teach us to be more observing. I would Never leave my purse, GPS,cell phone in my car, I lock my doors even when I run into the convenience store. If I am in the city and some one see's some thing like a GPS, purse they will smash your window to steal it. They will even pop your the trunk of your car in Providence. :) My car is alarmed and I keep my key close to my hand (In my pocket) so if something happens I press the panic button, and if that does not scare him he will go deaf :)

  8. I am glad your family was safe and that the guy was arrested! My husband has reminded me numerous times to lock the car doors when I come home. I'm thankful for the reminders.

  9. Oh Molly..glad your all safe. How scarry!!

  10. WOW!! I'm glad everyone is okay. Way to go Nick!!

  11. My goodness are you guys lucky. Lucky to have such a great husband and lucky nothing more happened. Good job Nick!

  12. How fortunate that things worked out the way they did. High-fives to Nick! He's awesome!!


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