Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Okay - so just let me tell you how mad I am
I had more notebook sets for you to see.
They didn't post when I wanted and now they are gone.
To boot they are erased from my computer and are mysteriously not on my external hard drive anymore.
I can't take more your pictures of them becuase they were gifts and are now gone.
It is not my day.
I am sorry girls...Once I get more things done and more pictures taken.


  1. Oh, wow, what a bummer! I guess that just means you need to make more! They're so pretty and I enjoy looking at them.

  2. Sorry to hear about your posts.. I know I get in a hurry after making a card for my hubby who is in Iraq and I put the card in the mail and totally forget to take a picture.. looking forward to seeing your sets.

  3. So sorry to hear that. Did you try hitting start-run, then typing it in. Tho you do not see it, it is somewhere registered on your harddrive.. Even tho you can not find it

  4. How frustrating for you...I look forward to seeing your next creations!

  5. I like to refer to my computer as my "confuser" Sometimes they have a mind of there own!

  6. I feel your pain. May this be the least of your difficulties. Good excuse to make more.

  7. I know they were beautiful and will be loved by those who received them!!

  8. What the heck - I wanted to see more of those little sets! Dang it all with the technical blahs!


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