Monday, March 22, 2010


I love to make lists. To make lists you need paper and pen/pencils.
I have a crazy thing for notebooks and paper.
I have a crazy thing for lists!
My husband thinks I am a weirdo and to be honest I think it is a little crazy myself at times.
Lists about books to read, crafts to make, sketches of layouts here and there, grocery lists, to-do items, dinner for the week, etc....
Oh well - it is what it is,
So this leads me to my love of were some ones that I made for fun!

I have to be hones here....I know nothing about the designer paper, I think the cardstock and ribbon on the first page are Stampin' Up!, but this was all stuff from my scrap pile and odds 'n ends basket (random embellishments).
~ Hug the one you're with ~


  1. I love lists too...I say we're not crazy...just organized! I recently bought a Bind-it-all and can now make books whenever I like!

  2. Good morning. These are darling designs.
    To answer your question on coloring. I always color with pencil and gamsol and copics, she was done in pencil the mailbox done with copics.

  3. Love these delightful notebooks, Molly! With a sweet book like this, I might actually be able to keep up with some of the lists I make!!

  4. These are really sweet! And, I agree it's definitly organisation and not craziness.

  5. I love lists..I am lost with out one !:)Your note pads that you have made are fabulous :)...I don't think you are crazy!! LOl..~hugs~

  6. These are great! I also have a "thing" about lists! Just so pretty.

  7. Very pretty! I love lists too :)


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