Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Little Help Today!

On a quick "HELP ME!" note...
Can anyone help me get back to my original blog where I have two columns only? I miss it and want it back....a surprise to anyone who can help me!!!

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  1. I think this might work - -
    ■Login to New Blogger with your Google account.
    ■On your Dashboard choose blog you want to edit, Click on Layout, you’ll go direct to Template tab where blog you want to Edit.
    ■Choose the Template tab of your blog then click on Edit HTML.
    ■Next scroll down to the end of your page and choose Revert to Classic Template.
    ■Copy all the code of the template you wish and paste it into your blog.
    ■Click on SAVE TEMPLATE and you are done!.

    - - or, you can go to the LAYOUTS tab and click PICK NEW TEMPLATE. I actually might try that first because I think it might be easier and just do it all for you.


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