Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yes - For the first time in a while I have nothing to post more than some randomness...
Please go to Fun-Frilled for some good stuff and a blg candy entry that you don't want to miss!
I found out I liked ham salad yesterday!
I found out that you CAN be over educated!
I found out that the terrible two's have set in...
I found out that it is possuble to have half your face go numb from the dentisit (yes on purpose).
Chew on that until tomorrow ladies - my two year old is screaming about the dog...who is harmless...
Hug the one you are with!


  1. Yeah what is Ham salad...? LOL
    I liked your post today...random yet thoughtful :)

    Oh I would take terrible twos over raging hormones any day! lol

  2. Random is good, it shakes things up. Yesterday I discovered that some children are frightened of other children who don't speak english. There was a German family in Target and they were speaking German to each other and this other kid starts screaming and crying. She was hiding behind her mother and wouldn't move because she was so scared. Poor kid! The German mother told the other mother that her daughter was frightened because her children could not speak English. I learn something new almost every day! LOL

  3. Between the dentist and the terrible 2's, I say you deserve the day off!!!!

  4. oh yes those terrible two's. I believe our daughter has hit those too.

  5. Ha ha ;)im the same way today.
    was to lazy last night to do anything :)
    I just watched American Idol lol

  6. Great random posting for the day. Sending you (and your 2 year old and the dog) all big hugs!

  7. I love randomness sometimes!

  8. NOW this is a creative post. Hugs and just breathe deep...

  9. Hey Molly!
    I wanted to let you know that my blogfeed was all messed up! You'll have to re-link my blog to get my updated posts. I know this is a hassle and I do apologize!!!

  10. haha you crack me up!!!

    hope you're un-numbed and sorry about the terrible 2's!! we're going through it with our DS#2 who turns 2 in 2 weeks!

  11. Sorry about the terrible two's... It's been a while but I can relate. Hopefully you will have some down-time for you!


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