Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Great Friend Whom I Have Never Met

Okay - so I have no cards to show today...but I do have a story of a friendship that I am so glad I have found...

I always enjoyed doing the secret sister swaps on SCS because you get to shop for stuff that you wouldn't normally buy or try and it ends up being fun for everyone! I had to laugh this time because I had never met this person but she was my type already...had a NASCAR themed name. I love NASCAR!! I will admit I was kind of shocked at first because she was very particular in what she liked and disliked - but then again it was nice to have someone who did more than say "I like whatever you give me" and them secretly talk behind my back to her friends...yuck...

I visited her blog, I worked with her colors, and I made sure no stamps had to be colored...HAHA...

Well she told me she loved the stuff and it made me smile because some who isn't afraid to speak her mind would not hold back. I was relieved.

Well now we talk about each other on our blogs, are on the same AWESOME design team of Fun-Frilled and I can't say enough about the girl.

I have been at home with the new addition Ryley Ann and it has been great - but I have missed chatting with the girls and surfing the blogs and websites...and then the mail comes...A GIANT BOX!

I was showered with gifts, Abby was showered with gifts (and she loves her card - just adores it - she points at the sparkly scallop and says "Ooohh...Pretty Mama!"), and showered Ryley with gifts!!

I cannot say enough about my great friend Michelle whom I have never met but would love to.

Michelle you made tears come to my eyes because I only have a few people I consider the best of my are definitely one of them and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Hug the one you are with and enjoy the friendships that last ladies...


  1. awww...sooo sweet, Molly! But hey - don't tout the NASCAR thing - I don't want people thinkin' I'm some hillbilly - heh. So glad the box made it and that you like. :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how total strangers can be the best of friends!! :) Just stopping by to check in on you! Hope you are doing well! : )

  3. What a lovely story. Michelle is a girl after my own heart...except for the NASCAR thing...coz I really have no idea what that is! 9read I am from Australia in there!) It is always great to receive something you are totally NOT expecting.

  4. What a sweet story, Molly! Michelle is definitely a sweetheart, and I love that she speaks her mind : ) I also love the Nascar thing, although we'll have to agree to disagree about my driver lol!

  5. Sometimes the things that touch us the most are from people who we have never touched. what a great internet friend.

  6. Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us. This shows that friendship has no boundaries!

  7. What a sweet friend. I think people come into our lives just at the right time. Hope that new baby is doing well. TFS

  8. I love to hear stories like this! You're lucky to have such generous cyber-friends!


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