Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Due Date!

Okay - so today is my due date...but nothing as of now...bummer! I did get another clean bill of health at the doctors though. I have also decided to take vacation until the baby comes becuase when I drive to work I am an hour and a half from the base hospital...just doesn't make me that comfortable!

I have not been nesting in the cleaning manner that most expect, but I have been wanting to cook and bake! YUMMY!

I wanted to make a mention that the Fun Frilled team is having a Baby Gril themed week in my honor!! How great - right??!! Please keep checking back on that blog as there will be lots of amazing blog candy to come - I wish I could tell you what it is - but just trust me - I asked if I could participate even as a a DT member!! ****Side note - Michelle from this design team (posts on Monday) is looking to get rid of an entire set of SU! markers....anyone want? They are new and under cost....she just really realized she hates to color~

I need to get baby announcements in order and I need your help!! Please send me your ideas to mollyritterbeck@yahoo.com so that I can post a winner!! You have until the 15th to provide me your idea!! I have a large amount of love to give the person who can save me this pain of creating!!
Please remember that the first challenge (the multiple personalities haha) are due to be posted by this Thursday the 5th. Don't forget that I will nee people to email me (provided above) with who your vote is - winner will be announced on next Wednesday the 11th!


  1. Molly,
    Here is a card I made for one of the High Hopes Blog Challenges when I was a Guest Designer...

    And here is a similar type of card (using the removable picture idea) that I made for our Christmas cards this year...

    Hope this helps!

  2. Ooooh, you made it to your due date! LOL Don't hate me b/c I never did! LOL And I always wanted to. I'm so excited for you and hope you post when you go into labor! I will see what I can come up for as far as baby announcements. I can send you pics of the simple simple simple ones I did for each of my girls but I think I want to try something new for you too!

  3. Fingers crossed all goes well for you and your little girl.

  4. Anything yet? We're waiting anxiously! (Although not as anxious as you I'm sure).


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