Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swap Cards!

Yes - I am making my way back into it! May was for some reason an awful month! Going back to work, adjusting to a schedule of three in one, family issues (not in my house), and more...YIKES!
I took some time really realize what I wanted to do...read more, cook more, stamp for me more....not just swaps. I do have swap cards to show as I am finishing up those I have signed up for. I guess I am tired of working really hard and getting so-so back, or forgetting and holding a swap becuase mine are one of the last ones in. Oh well...
That and I want to get back into making good cards and being a serious blogger again
*wink*wink* Michelle - love ya!

I had not used my cuttlebug in a while so I brough it out to make some cards in no time...I do think the last one looks like it took me no time....I hate it when my cards look sloppy!!
Don't forget Fun-Frilled - Today is my day!
Digiments - ALWAYS a contest and new releases!!!
Hug the one you are with!


  1. Adorable cards...and I know what you mean re swaps...you work so hard and then you get something back that looks like it was made in Kindy...I don't mind those that don't know, but take the time to glue/cut straight...LOL...not just throw it together... (gee, can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?...LOL), anyway, beautiful cards...headed over to funfrilled to check it out!

  2. I am so with you. I did alot of swaps before. Now I just swap with friends. It sounds like you had a stressful month. Hope this gets better. Hugs...Your cards turned out great.

  3. I haven't swapped in a while, either, and you know all the reasons why, obviously. The last one I was in was with great ladies and restored my faith in swapping, I've just decided I like "stamping for me" as you put it. Here's to hoping June is better than May was!!!

  4. Good to see you blogging Molly! I like using the cuttlebug for backgrounds too! Great cards.

  5. Fun cards Molly! I love the last one -- don't think its sloppy at all. Just great!

  6. These are just adorable, love the second one!

  7. Why do you think I only do STUFF swaps at SCS...? Because most of the cards and whatever else that you get is just not good...it either doesn't look good or they decided to use their cheapest materials because it was for a swap. Give up the swaps and create for you and your family and friends - you'll do your best and you'll put more heart in to it and you'll love it every time ;)

  8. LOL - had to post again...the little word I had to type before I could post my last entry was "RAZZING" - now I have the official license to RAZZ you on your blog YAY ME!!!


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